Can baby monitors be hacked?

Can baby monitors be hacked?

Baby monitors are devices that are designed to provide the parrot with the peace of mind that their babies are safe even when they are away. If anything happens to the babies they will be known automatically and in no time. In this way, they can take timely action. But what happens if the device on which you really actually hacked is by some bad intention person. This will definitely destroy the relationship of trust. Moreover, it may create a problem for the parents and the kids.

Therefore, in the last few days, we have received a number of queries from our visitors around the globe. So, if you have recently browsed the internet with one of the queries below then this article is crafted for you.

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If you ask the question, can baby monitors be hacked? The answer is yes nearly every monitor can be hacked.

But it definitely matters what type of monitor you are using. Because it depends on the type of monitor that will be hacked easily or will it provide difficulty to its hacker? Definitely, it is more desirable to have a monitor of that type that cannot be hacked easily. Because monitors that can be hacked by any person are not desirable.  But the monitor cannot be hacked by any one and only the hackers that are highly trained professionals can only hack the monitor.

Type of the Monitors

Can baby monitors be hacked?


There are multiple types of the monitor available in the market

Radio monitors

These are the monitors that communicate to each other with the help of a specific frequency. If a hacker knows about the frequency that is being used by the radio frequency the transmission can be easily intercepted? But if the hacker does not know about the communication channel frequency this will not be possible for the hacker to hack the monitor. The monitor manufacturer has a solution to this problem. This solution is a very solid and effective one. What they do is they make the communication frequency intercepted. As the frequency is unknown to hackers. It is really difficult to hack the monitor. Therefore this is highly recommended that you buy the monitor from the manufacturer who uses the encrypted frequency for the channel of communication.

It really saves your monitor from being hacked and provides you with ease of mind.

Wifi Monitor

The Wi-Fi monitor broadcasts the image to your mobile and calls any other remote device. That thing will be Cup Messi because the Wi-Fi monitor is linked to the local Wi-Fi of your house full stock through this Wi-Fi it is linked with the internet. Due to multiple connectivities, it is relatively easy to Breach the security of this Wi-Fi. Once the person is able to Breach the security he or she will be able to broadcast the image to any MI website. Moreover, it has been observed that the people started to give instructions to babies through the speaker off the monitor. Even then the higher security and profile monitors are available that have advanced security systems. Due to these advanced UT systems, it is really difficult to hack these communication devices

Before we try to stop the hackers from the illegal and unethical activity which they are going to perform by hacking the monitors. It is really important to understand first why hackers do this type of activity.

The intention of hackers in hacking the devices

Can baby monitors be hacked?


  • Voyeurs
  • Pranksters
  • Criminals


These are the type of people that do have psychological problems. This is the reason that they want to know about different families. This is a type of reality show for them. They do enjoy this process as they enjoy reality shows.

But you never know when they become violent. Therefore this is necessary if you find out that this type of activity is being performed in your vicinity try to stop it as soon as possible.


This is the second type of people. Who loves to be friends with the kids. These are very very dangerous people. The kids can get hurt because of these people. This is the reason that you should remain vigilant. Because Pranksters can cause serious problems to the kids.

Usually, the most attractive thing for them to do is to wake up the baby. This is a really annoying thing especially when they do this activity in the middle of the night.


These are the most dangerous type of hackers who try to steal the personal information of your and your family. They try to figure out if you are at home or not. Once they are able to do it they take and do the robbery in your home. Moreover, what they can do is really hack the video streaming of the monitor and start directly broadcasting it on the internet. This can even sell the information on the internet.

How to improve the security of your monitor

Can baby monitors be hacked?


If you work in three different dimensions to improve the security of the monitors. decorate it can be significantly improved

  • Wireless router security
  • Baby monitor security
  • Remote access consideration

Wireless router security

You can perform three different tasks to improve the security of your wireless router. The first thing is to update the firmware of the router.

The second thing is to find out if you provide remote access to your router or not. If you have provided remote access to your router and you have doubts about the security of the router immediately withdraw the remote access.

Change the password of your Wi-Fi network. Try to make it as strong as it is possible.

Baby monitor security

It is always great to register the product. In this way, the manufacturer will be responsible to provide you with the software security updates. This will automatically resolve the potential risks to the security of the baby monitor

You should not carry on with the default login settings. Change the default password as soon as possible and make the other appropriate changes too.

Dynamic domain name system that is known as the DDNS should be disabled. It may be a possibility that this option may not be available on your baby monitor. Do not worry if you do not find this option.

Same as above if you find your UPnP disable the option. If your monitor provided you with this option. Finally, there is time to disable the remote access for this baby monitor. So do it

Remote access consideration

Now is the time to reassess your remote access settings. First of all change, the default port for the camera most of the time this port is 80. Change it above 8200. Any number what you want but above than this

It is great to look at the log file so that you can see if there is a strange IP that assesses the information. Moreover, it is also helpful to look at the access time. In this way you will be able to find out that if someone is hacking into the system or not.

Final words

No doubt that it is possible to hack the baby monitor. But there is not enough to worry about. You can easily change the settings and you can prevent hacking with different measures. This article is written with good intentions to provide parents with the most up-to-date information that can save the baby monitor from hacking.

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