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Disclosure Policy Baby Swings

FTC Federal trade commission keeps evolving its rules and regulations regarding affiliate links. According to 2015 updates all the affiliate bloggers and websites are abide to make clear and present their disclosure compliance in case of affiliate marketing.

These rules were introduced in the benefit of the consumer and customer. That if they are purchasing from an affiliate link or they are getting guidance from some affiliate website or blog. They should be well aware of the fact.

Consumer Awareness

The reader should have complete knowledge and should be well aware of the fact that the person or website they are seeking for guidance. Is a social cause supportive website or has an affiliate link business model to bear the expenses.
Our Policy

So in order to comply with FTC disclosure policy. And to update our readers about the product links we are mentioning in our website. We have written below a clean, complete framework of how things work in our territory.
How affiliate marketing works?

Affiliate marketing is a business supportive model . Where Amazon or any other product selling website offers us some remuneration in return for prescribing and describing some of their listed products to our users.

As we know that Amazon is a big brand name with multiple products under one umbrella. Amazon preferred to sell those products which have good feedback moreover, beneficial for the customer. So don’t bind us to promote any particular product. We can add up the link of the best product and still get the money to run his website.

So we always add affiliate links of those products which are best in quality. Moreover, have plenty of good consumer reviews. And most of all are fully efficient to support you until your money value is achieved.

Note: whatever remuneration we get from Amazon for adding affiliate links in our website. That doesn’t affect the buying cost of the consumer. The product you will get will be direct from the seller and there will be no interruption from our side in its cost and quality. What we make sure is that we dig out the best quality products for you. After making a detailed survey.