How to Hang baby swing with a tree


Hanging a baby swing from a tree is a great way to give your little one some fresh air while also providing them with some fun playtime. However, it is crucial to ensure that the swing is hung safely and securely to avoid any accidents. In this article, we will guide you through the step-by-step process of how to hang a baby swing from a tree.

Even though you yourself might have experienced swinging on a swing attached to the tree, it is not surprising that you become extra cautious when you become a parent. And thus it only makes sense for you to wonder whether hanging a swing from the tree is safe.
And the answer to this question is solely dependent upon you. How you choose the tree down to the branch and the angle is how you decide the safety of the swing. For a straightforward answer, yes it is safe if you do it right. How you do it right is the better question. This is where you will learn to do it right and safely so you can give your child an unbound experience.

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How to hang a bench swing from a tree?

Trees perform so many different functions. They give you shade when the sun is bright, they provide you with air to breathe, they make your backyard look beautiful, and they also offer support for a hanging swing.

It is still important to be sure if the tree is capable of handling the swing for sleep, it should be since you won’t be using a tree swing hanging kit either. It doesn’t require many tools either, just a few guidelines.

How to Choose a Tree?

Since the tree is going to be the support of the swing there are a few factors that need to be made sure of before hanging the seat up. It may not seem like a big deal on the outside when you see a broad tree standing in front of you, but it is more important than knowing how to hang a baby swing indoors

So it is extremely important to select the tree and more specifically the branch that you will hang it on. No need to worry, follow these guidelines and you are sure to do it right.
  • Tree Type: the trees that you use need to be very sturdy and strong since they have to not only support the swing but also the weight of your baby. Oaks and similar trees are ideal for such an adventure but you can choose others as well as long as they are sturdy. Fruit trees, however, are a completely different story – they are an absolute No-Zone.
  • Size of the Branch: the branch basically acts as the stand to which the swing is attached. Make sure that you select a branch that is strong so that it can easily support the swing with the baby in or on it. And more importantly, make sure that it is horizontal. Don’t go for other branches, as learning how to hang a tree swing on an angled branch is a whole different story.
  • Condition of the Chosen Branch: you could find the perfect branch and it could still fail to perform, why? Because it was in no condition to carry weight. When you select the branch, make sure that you inspect it thoroughly. What you are looking for are signs of any disease, weakness, or infestation. Any of these things can weaken the branch despite its diameter.

Attaching the Swing to the Tree

Now that we are done with choosing the branch, the next question is how to hang the baby swing from a tall tree. You don’t want the swing to come loose and injure your baby in it, so you want to use reliable material to attach the swing to the branch.

  • Eye Bolts: this is a common method used to attach the swing to a branch. You need to drill hold vertically into the branch and then use bolts that are resistant to corrosion. This is a pretty safe method but may weaken the branch when used excessively.
    It eliminates any friction that the swing has with the bark making it smooth.
  • Ropes: The second way is to attach it with the ropes as long as they don’t cut into the branch.
    Polyester rope: it is a braided rope that is ideal for swings as it has strength and a little stretch.
    Nylon rope: it is the strongest rope there is but can be stretched.
    Natural Fibre Rope: these are made from natural materials. But it needs to be replaced once or twice a year.
    Metal Chain: they are strong, corrosion-free, and extremely reliable. However, they can only be used with swings installed with eye bolts.

Steps to Hang a Baby Swing Safely on a Tree

Now we know how to select the tree, branch, and the means of attachment, let’s look at how to install the swing, step by step.

  1.  Select an appropriate rope that is strong enough to hold the weight of the swing. All the efforts of choosing a good branch go down the drain if your rope is not good enough.
  2. Now we tie the rope around the branch, making sure that it doesn’t cut into it. To avoid cutting you can also use rubber tubing.
  3. You can also drill verticle holes into the branch and fasten the swing using screws.
  4. Now that the branch is ready, attach the ropes or the metal chain to the eye bolts. Make sure it is fastened firmly.

What to take care of?

Even though you may have done everything by the book there might be something that you are missing. To avoid that from happening here are some safety tips that you will have to keep in mind.

  • Always replace worn-out ropes. Especially if you are using waker ropes make sure you change them regularly.
  • Make sure that the knots of the rope are tied firmly. Pull at them to make sure that they don’t come off easily. This is very important to avoid accidents.
  • Keep inspecting the branch time and time again. If you notice that it is getting damaged then shift the swing to a different branch.
  • If the swing is not being used at some point, take it down and store it to increase the life span.

So, What’s the Verdict?

Hanging a baby swing from a tree can be a great way to provide your little one with some fresh air and fun playtime. However, it is important to ensure that the swing is hung safely and securely to avoid any accidents.

So, it is safe to hang a baby swing on the tree? Definitely yes, as long as you take your time making sure that you are choosing the right branch, the right ropes, and following all the safety precautions.

Always keep in mind that things tend to become weaker and wear out with time, so always keep a check on your swing so that you can avoid any possible accidents.

And most of all, make sure that your child has a good time!


Q1: Is it safe to hang a baby swing from a tree?

A: Yes, it is safe to hang a baby swing from a tree as long as you follow the necessary safety precautions.

Q3: What height should I hang the baby swing from the ground?

A: The baby swing should be hung around 2-3 feet above the ground.


“Swinging is not just a fun activity, it’s a way to stimulate a child’s senses and promote their physical development.”

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