Best Baby Swing for Newborn

Parenthood is a great blessing and holding your newborn baby in arms is one of the best feelings in the whole world. Moreover, the parents’ arms are a priority for every child. But this is obvious that sometimes parents also need a break. So that a baby swing can be of great help and the closest substitute of loving arms.

Besides, it can provide a better and safe place for your newborn baby to put, while you have to do some work nearby. Because of its several advantages, it is the most useful and helpful device for parents during the newborn baby’s initial six months.

However, there are different types of baby swings available in markets. Each of them possesses various features. So, this article will assist you in the selection of the best suitable baby swing for your little one.

What Is A Baby Swing?

Baby swings, baby bouncers, and baby rockers are all the items that support parents in calming and soothing their fussy newborn baby. However, they all are different from each other but have some similar features.

The baby swing set is just like adults’ swings. It includes a nicely padded chair, suspended in a sturdy frame, and provides swinging back and forth or side to side motions.

These motions are somewhat similar to the wombs rocking motions. So that newborn baby needs these swings in their very first months. It can use from birth to 6-9 months. Moreover, baby swing indoors and outdoors is also available for older babies.

Things to Consider When Choosing A Baby Swing!

Baby swings are live safer and can be very helpful for parents if choosing according to the needs of your baby. There are various swings available and different babies indeed like different swings. Meanwhile, there are some factors you should consider while selecting best baby swing for newborn. Following are the features that will help you to choose the best baby swing for your little one.


  • You should check that the swing does not fold up unexpectedly. Always go for a wide base because it prevents the risk of tipping over easily.
  • If there is any remote control attached with the baby swing. Ensure that your baby is unable to pull off that remote.
  • Different swings have different weight limits. Make sure that your little one doesn’t exceed the maximum weight limit.
  • It is advisable to choose a baby swing set whose frame is resting on a secure base. Do not hang swings at door frames.


  • The most important feature of a baby’s swing is its seat. So, it should be comfortable and well padded. The baby swing bed with reasonable layers of padding is safe and comfortable. You can remove extra layers as your baby grows.
  • Seats with adjustable recline help you to keep your newborn in a comfortable position. As newly born babies are unable to hold their head and neck, so they need a more reclined position in the swing.
  • Consider the swings with proper seat belts. It will prevent your baby from slipping out. Usually, baby swings consist of either 5-point or 3-point harnesses.


  • Portable baby swings are lighter in weight, easily foldable, and mostly smaller in size. Although their range of motion is short as compare to others. However, you can move them from one place to another. Besides you can carry them while you are traveling. 

Easy to use:

  • Consider the baby swing that is easy to use. Ensure that it will be easy for you to put your baby in and out of the swing. More complex features will make you frustrate instead of helping out.
  • Ensure that the fabric used for seats and any other part must be washable and easily removable.
  • An easily assembled baby swing is more convenient and better for everyone.

Power Source:

  • Baby swings are of various types like some are wind-up swings, others are battery-run, or some swings need a plug-in electric outlet for functioning.
  • The swing runs with a battery are more portable, but it can be costly because the battery needs to be changed. Although some swings have rechargeable batteries.
  • Moreover, electric swings are less portable because they need to be kept close to the power source.

The frame of swing:

  • After the seat, the frame is the second most important part of the baby swing set.
  • The best quality frame provides good support to the baby swing chairor seat.
  • Always ensure the frame material should be reliable and strong. Baby swings are made up of metal and hard plastic. However, some are a combination of both. Mostly hard plastic material will serve you best.

Swinging motion:

  • Parents should buy a swing with adjustable swinging speed because some babies enjoy fast swinging motion while others like slow motion.
  • Mostly swings only allow back and forth motion. But there are some other swings available which provide side to side motion as well. Sometimes babies prefer one motion over the other.
  • Consider the swing that gives a timer option. It will be more convenient for you. As you don’t have to switch off the swing because the swing will be automatically off once the set time is over.

Extra features:

  • Apart from the basic swaying motion of the swing, some baby swings provide different movement styles. These additional styles give extra soothing and calming to your baby.
  • Some baby swing sets include sounds and music to keep your baby entertained.
  • Moreover, some swings have hanging toys with them. These toys will entertain your baby if he is not sleeping because babies always want something that keeps them busy. Some swings have vibrations for providing extra relaxing effects to your little one.

The Top Types of Baby Swings!

There are various types of baby swings available. For your ease, the details of the best baby swings are as follows. So that you can choose swing according to your need.

Standard Swings!

These types of swings are bigger and hence provide a larger swinging range of motion. These swings are more convenient to operate and offer amazing features. However, they are not fully portable, but some swings are compact and can move a bit easier than the regular full-size heavy swings.

1:Graco Simple Sway Baby Swing:

  • This simple and yet versatile swing provides side to side sway. It has six speeds plus two-speed vibrator features so that you can adjust according to the mood of your baby.
  • It has a five-point harness and removable head support to provide safety and comfort.
  • The swing is perfect for smaller spaces because it has a small frame design.
  • The weight of the swing is 17.2 pounds and it can support the baby’s weight from 5 to 30 pounds.
  • Moreover, the swing contains rechargeable batteries and an AC adapter.


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  • Comfortable seat
  • Washable seat covers.
  • Best entertainment features.
  • Compact size.
  • Used for both big and small babies.
  • No automatic shut-off, so batteries can be a drain if you forget to turn it off.
  • Unable to fold and recline. It is hard to store.

2: Fisher-Price Elephant Safari Cradle `N Swing:

  • This swing allows two swing motion from side to side or from back and forth. It also has six swinging speed that soothes your baby. Regardless of the speed, the swinging remains smooth.
  • For the amusement of your baby, the swing has plenty of features.
  • 5-point harness can provide the best possible safety
  • The seat is rotatable and has some extra cushions for smaller babies.
  • The weight of this swing is 23 pounds. It can support a baby’s weight up to 25 pounds.


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  • Speed is adjustable as this swing senses weight of your baby.
  • The seat can be convertible to both recline and incline position.
  • Use batteries and can also plug into an electric outlet.
  • It is bulkier and not fully collapsible.
  • The base is wider and is unable to fit in narrower spaces.
  • The seat is made of hard plastic and does not separate from the swing.

3: Graco Glider Lx Gliding Swing:

  • It is an ideal swing for soothing your baby in a small size. Mostly parents with space constraints prefer this swing.
  • The swing provides a five-point harness for safety.
  • Item’s weight is 17.9 pounds. It can bear babies weighing from 6 to 20 pounds.
  • Both batteries and AC operated. Timer mode is present that extends battery life.
  • It has six different swing speeds. Two of them are designed for newborns. The rest of the four speeds are faster and designed for bigger babies.


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  • Easily adjustable in small spaces.
  • Variety of music and sounds.
  • Light in weight
  • Comfortable and well-padded swing seat.
  • The battery is required for vibration function.
  • The toys are attached with simple Velcro so that older babies might pull them off.

Portable Baby Swings!

4:Ingenuity Convert Me Swing-2-Seat:

  • It is a combination of swaying swing and vibration seat.
  • The swing has five different speeds so that you can set according to the mood of your baby. This swing has a unique feature called
  • True Speed Technology. It will remember the desired speed of your baby and adjust it according to their weight.
  • It can carry baby weight up to 19.8 pounds.
  • The headrest is removable, and you can manage according to the need of your baby.
  • For safety, the swing has a 5-point harness and non-skid feet.


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  • Easy to use for traveling
  • The fabric is washable.
  • Excellent battery life.
  • You have to turn the vibrating feature manually to prevent quick battery drainage.
  • Among all the reviewed products it has the lowest weight limits.

5: Graco Glider Lite Baby Swing:

  • This swing with gliding motion can soothe your baby not only at home. You can take it apart easily for your help. You can put it ina suitcase by laying it flat.
  • It has six gliding speeds for calming your baby.
  • The seat is wider and provides great head support.
  • This swing will be of great help for colic babies.




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  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Provide great entertainment features with comfort.
  • Support both electric and batteries.
  • Comfortable seats with portable frame.
  • It is only for smaller babies as the weight limit is low.
  • Some of the melodies are unpleasant.

6: Fisher-Price Deluxe Take 

  • Along with Swing and Seat. It is considered one of the most convenient swings. Its portable features make it easy and ideal for travel. If you are planning to buy a baby swing that will help you in calming your baby during traveling, so it is the most suitable type for you.
  • This swing easily converts into a vibrating seat. If your baby can sit, you can switch from swing to seat. It has six soothing speeds so that your baby can enjoy.
  • This portable swing has a five-point harness. It is battery operated.

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  • Easy storage and portability.
  • Smart swing technology adjusts speed according to baby weight.
  • The seat is comfortable and padded with a removable newborn insert.
  • The seat pad is Dryer-safe and washable in the machine.
  • Only operates with 4C batteries.
  • It has a maximum weight limit of 25 pounds, so it is not
  • perfect for babies older than six months.

High-Tech Baby Swing:

These types of swings have some state-of-the-art features that normal swings do not offer. For example, they have a Bluetooth option for better and smoother swinging motion.

7: 4moms Mama Roo 4 Infant Seat-Grey Classic

It is the best premium baby swing. This swing offers five unique motions (rock-a-bye, wave, kangaroo, tree swing, and car ride) and five different speeds for each setting.

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  • Lightweight and more compact than other options.
  • You can control the swing motion and speed from your smart devices through a Bluetooth connection.
  • Easy to assemble
  • It has only a 3-point harness.
  • The vibration option is not available.
  • Operated by AC.

8:Graco Sense2soothe Swing

  • This swing offers a unique feature of cry detection.
  • Swing has a microphone installed in it that can help you to detect the crying of your baby. The swing can adjust the setting in response to the baby’s cry.
  • It offers eight motions, three speeds, and two vibration settings.

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  • The rocker is detachable from the heavy base.
  • Parent’s mode provides an option for saving your baby’s favorite setting.
  • It is not easily portable because of its heavyweight.

Combination Swing!

9:Graco Duet Soothes Swing + Rocker, One Size:

  • This versatile swing is small in size, so it is ideal for small spaces. You can remove the seat and convert it into a rocker.
  • The seat is rotatable. It offers both sides to the side or back and forth swinging motion.
  • It provides great safety with a 5-point harness.


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  • Easy to assemble
  • Both battery and AC- powered.
  • The maximum weight limit is 30 lbs. so it is usable for both smaller and bigger babies.
  • The whole swing does not rotate although it has a mobile.
  • You have to turn off every swinging motion separately. It has no single button for all features.

10:Graco Duet Connect LX Swing and Bouncer:

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  • The frame is very stable and can provide security while swinging.
  • The seat is deep and has a five-point harness.
  • Difficult to assemble
  • It has only side to side motion.
  • The vibration setting runs only on the battery.

Safety Tips During Usage!

Here are some safety measures you should consider while using swing for your little one.

  • Never let your baby sleep in a crib. Move away from your newborn baby from the swing if he is sleeping.
  • Follow proper instructions about weight and age limit.
  • Do not leave the baby unattended.
  • Do not use the swing for longer periods like sleeping at night. They are only good for a shorter period. Babies have a soft skull. It can be flattened if left in the same position for a longer duration.
  • The swing must set up in a safe area.
  • Ensure that your baby won’t slip out and is properly secure in a swing.
  • Before purchasing a baby product, ensure that it’s approved by the sites like Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association and the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).

Wrapping It Up:

There are a lot of things you should consider while choosing a swing for your newborn. However, this article provides basic details about the best baby swings. So that you can find the best one for your little one. No matter what swing you will purchase, your baby will surely love it. Moreover, the baby swing will be of great help for parents because your baby will be engaged and entertained on your behalf. Meanwhile, you can get some free time for other tasks. A newborn baby swing will be a great blessing and live safer if your baby would love to be in a swing.  

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