Best Infant Swings and Strollers For Summer In 2022

In the summer, you are sure to want to spend some time in the warm, balmy weather. And the baby is sure to want to come along. With a quality summer baby swing, rocker, bouncer, or chair, they can’t! This will provide them shelter and security, for your fun outdoor excursion or walk.
Of course, not all baby gear is made the same… learn about five of the best summer baby swings, strollers, chairs, and rockers out there, below!


1.  Review Of Baby Delight Indoor/Outdoor Chair


Summer is the perfect time to get some fresh air… for you and your baby! You may want a summer baby swing, or a rocker or chair.  The Baby Delight Indoor/Outdoor Chair is a fantastic choice, with a sun-blocking canopy that will protect your baby’s sensitive skin. Wherever you are, the shade will keep your little one unburnt and cool.  Seat your baby comfortably while you roast marshmallows around a campfire (and give them a little snack on the handy tray). Or, place your baby nearby in a secure 5-point harness while you do yard work.

The Baby Delight Indoor/Outdoor Chair will free up your hands and content your baby, and is a real lifesaver!

Top Features

Three Ways To Use

A frustrating reality is that you must throw out most baby clothes and gear as your baby continues to grow! This is especially a shame when it comes to things that you really love. One of your favorites is sure to be the Baby Delight Indoor/Outdoor Chair… luckily, this is one item you will not need to get rid of.

From infants sitting in recline to toddlers partially standing, to kids sitting fully upright, you can depend on your Baby Delight Indoor/Outdoor Chair.

This alternative to a summer baby swing is designed for babies and children 3 months to 75 lbs… a truly impressive amount of time. With the Baby Delight Indoor/Outdoor Chair, you will certainly get your money’s worth!

Super Portable

The Baby Delight Indoor/Outdoor Chair is space-efficient, at just 24.5″ tall x 23″ wide x 22.75″ deep. You can fold it even smaller, to only 8″ x 8″ x 24.5″. This is a summer baby swing alternative that is super portable! Looking for something easy to carry?

Chair And Sun Canopy Are Weather-Proof 
You can leave this summer baby swing alternative outside, as it is weather-proof! Or, it works just as well as an indoor chair. With the removable canopy, your baby will be shielded from the sun while camping, at the beach, at sporting events, and more.

More Great Features

  • Stable. This chair was designed for stability, with angled platform feet that make eright points of contact. A fall will not be a risk!
  • A variety of colors to choose from. The Baby Delight Indoor/Outdoor Chair is not only practical but cute and stylish as well. Choose from gray, deep water blue, green, teal, horizon sky (light blue), carbon camo, and pink!
  • Easy to set up. Setting up this summer baby swing alternative couldn’t be simpler.
  • 5-point harness. Sometimes, babies get squirmy, as we all know. The 5-point harness on the summer infant swing alternative will secure your little wiggler.
  • Snack tray. Keep your baby occupied with the included snack tray.
  • Sun canopy. With the removable sun canopy, your baby will always have shade, wherever you are.
  • Carry bag. Once you’ve folded your Baby Delight Indoor/Outdoor Chair up, you can slip it into a convenient carry bag. This makes it all the more portable.
  • Cushioned seat. A snug baby is a happy baby. You will not have to worry about your little one’s comfort, with the cushioned seat of the Baby Delight Indoor/Outdoor Chair.

Three ways to use

Color options






Some do not find the tray big or sturdy enough to be useful

2. Review Of Summer Infant Two-In-One Bouncer and Rocker

Sometimes babies like to bounce, and sometimes they like to rock. It just isn’t realistic to have to pull out a rocker or a bouncer at their whim.

Fortunately, there is the Summer Infant Two-In-One Bouncer and Rocker! This summer baby swing alternative is a fabulous combination between a bouncer and a rocker. Adjusting between these is simple: all you do is adjust the incline, and your baby can bounce or rock.

While the rocking or bouncing motion lulls your baby, they will be entertained by a fun, colorful toy bar. The Summer Infant Two-In-One Bouncer and Rocker will keep your little one calm and occupied, while you work or take a break!

Top Features


To turn the Summer Infant Two-In-One Bouncer and Rocker into a rocker, draw all of the feet inwards and adjust the incline accordingly. Or, transform this summer baby swing alternative into a bouncer by rotating the four feet back outwards… Two-in-one!

Toy Bar

Of course, no summer infant swing, stroller, bouncer, or rocker is complete without a toy bar! The Summer Infant Two-In-One Bouncer and Rocker has one that is removable, which features a cute turquoise cloud and a yellow moon. These plushes dangle to amuse baby.

So Easy To Store

This bouncer folds flat, which makes it so easy to store. This summer infant swing alternative is also lightweight and portable, so it is perfect to take with you to a friend’s house, or when you travel.

More Great Features

  • Padded insert. This summer brand baby swing alternative has a plush padded insert, which is super comfy and supportive.
  • Vibrations. Vibrations are a fairly new-gen feature for a summer baby swing and rocker! When it comes to soothing little ones, they can prove quite powerful.
  • Machinable washable. The padded insert is machine washable, in case of accumulated grime, or a spill.
  • Lightweight and portable. The Summer Infant Two-In-One Bouncer and Rocker weighs only 5 and ½ pounds and is nice and easy to carry.
  • Auto-shutoff. The vibration feature has an automatic shutoff after 15 min. This can be very helpful when it comes to helping you keep track!
  • Parts are machine washable
  • New-gen vibration feature
  • Convertible
  • Supportive
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to store
  • Portable
  • Some dislike the 15-minute auto-shutoff
  • You need batteries for vibration mode

3.  Review Of Fisher-Price Floor Chair 


Is your baby learning to sit, but can’t quite do it on their own? Or maybe they don’t like to be put down? Take a look at the Fisher-Price Floor Chair.

This is a summer baby swing alternative that your baby will find both fun, and supportive. The Fisher-Price Floor Chair is recommended for curious babies with good neck control. While there is back support, they will still need to be able to support their neck. 

This chair is quite cushy and is covered in a soft material. To prevent the risk of a tip-over, it has a base that is wide and chunky.

At the same time, the Fisher-Price Floor Chair weighs only 5 pounds! This is a durable and lightweight summer brand baby swing alternative you just have to see for yourself.

Top Features

A Supportive Way To Improve Motor Skill

Did you know, many baby seats are not supportive enough? These will not only cause your babe discomfort but can even hinder their motor skill. The Fisher-Price Floor Chair has a design that is exceptionally supportive. Unlike many summer baby swing and rockers out there, it will help your little one strengthen their back. As your baby cranes their neck and reaches for the included toys, you can also watch their motor skill improve!

Cute Designs To Choose From

All of these features, and cute designs to choose from, too!  The Fisher-Price Floor Chair truly has it all.  This summer baby swing alternative is available in Panda Paws, Blue Geo, and Frog. There are frustration-free packaging or standard packaging options as well.

More Great Features

  • Easy to assemble. Customers say that assembling the Fisher-Price Floor Chair is hassle-free.
  • Comfortable. This summer brand infant swing alternative has a super-cushy seat pad and is covered in a skin-gentle, soft material.
  • Stable. No one wants their baby to tip over! With the Fisher-Price Floor Chair, you will not have to worry… the base is wide and chunky, creating an exceptionally stable baby chair that is tip-proof.
  • Portable. The Fisher-Price Floor Chair weighs only 5 pounds… wow! This makes it super lightweight, and portable, so you can take it with you when you visit friends and family, and travel.
  • Folds to store. To store this space-efficient summer infant swing alternative, simply fold it up, and put it out of the way.
  • Two toys that are linkable. There are two linkable toys that dangle on a little key chain. These are fun for baby to reach for and rattle. They are also safe for them to chew!
  • The seat pad is machine washable. This baby chair has a machine-washable seat pad, in case of grime buildup or an accidental spill.
  • Option for packaging that is frustration-free. There is an option for packaging that is 100% recyclable and extra easy to open, for the eco-conscious family.
  • Easy assembly 
  • Supportive
  • Toys that are linkable
  • Option for packaging that is frustration-free
  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Comfortable
  • Parts are machine washable
  • Help babies develop motor skill
  • Some babies’ legs are too chubby to fit in this chair 

4. Review Of Baby Delight Portable Bouncer


The Baby Delight Portable Bouncer is a state-of-the-art summer brand baby swing alternative. With its highly aesthetic, contemporary design, it is sure to complement any decor! Of course, the top-rated bouncer is also very practical.

For your little one’s safety, it comes with a 3-point harness, which they should always wear. Then, choose from three recline options, to help them get comfy.  While your baby bounces, they will be entertained by a fun and conveniently removable toy bar. 

You can fold the Baby Delight Portable Bouncer, and it is machine washable. What more can you ask?

Top Features

Stylish Look

The Baby Delight Portable Bouncer has a stylish, beautifully contemporary design. This can suit any decor, modern or traditional. The high-class infant summer swing alternative comes in distinguished Charcoal Tweed, which is a neutral light gray color.

Super Portable

The Baby Delight Portable Bouncer folds flat at the press of a button! This makes for quick-and-easy portability, for storage or travel.

Machine Washable Cover

The entire cover of this summer baby swing alternative is machine washable. In the case of the inevitable spill, this can be a real lifesaver! Just toss it in on gentle, and then tumble-dry low… good as new!

More Great Features

  • Hands-free carry bag with handle. Fold the Baby Delight Portable Bouncer with the press of a button, and then pack it up in the included carry bag. This comes with a handle, so you can transport it with your hands free for any task.
  • Three recline positions to choose from. Depending on your baby’s size and preference, there will probably be a recline that they favor. Have them try each one!
  • Three-point harness. In any summer baby swing or bouncer, we all know how important it is for baby to be safe. With the Baby Delight Portable Bouncer, you will not have to worry, as it comes with a secure three-point harness (which they should wear at all times).
  • Breathable mesh back. Now, this is one feature we don’t often see. The back of the Baby Delight Portable Bouncer is outfitted with a super-breathable mesh. This will keep your little one from getting sweaty or muggy, and provide wonderful airflow.
  • Set up or fold at the push up a button. Set-up couldn’t be easier! Just press a button. Press the button again, and the Baby Delight Portable Bouncer will fold up to store.
  • Toy bar. Every good summer baby swing or bouncer should have a toy bar. These are a classic that every baby will enjoy. The Baby Delight Portable Bouncer has a toy bar with two decorative plushes: a white moon and a gray star, which your baby is sure to love!


Set-up is simple

Easy to store

Parts are machine washable


Toy bar

Some wish this bouncer was a little more supportive

5. Review Of Summer Infant Compact Canopy Stroller


If you are looking for a summer baby swing or another great way to hold your baby, look no further! The Summer Infant Compact Canopy Stroller is the perfect baby shelter, so you can take them outside with you in the summer!

The Summer Infant Compact Canopy Stroller functions as a stationary chair as well as a stroller. The summer infant swing alternative is compact, with a folding size of only 13” L x 20.5” W x 25” H. The smoothly gliding wheels will give you and baby a relaxing, pleasant experience… the perfect mood for a walk!

Top Features

Car Seat Compatible

The Summer Infant Compact Canopy Stroller is compatible with your favorite car seats, including the Chicco KeyFit 30, the Chicco Fit2, the Graco SungRide Click Connect, and the Baby Trend Secure Snap Gear 35.

Extra-Large Canopy

Every summer baby swing or stroller should have a big canopy, so no harsh sunlight reaches your baby.

Their skin is so sensitive! This in mind, the Summer Infant Compact Canopy Stroller has an extra-large canopy, to block out sunlight, UV rays, light rain and snow, and more. And, your baby can still watch the scenery go by, with a peekaboo window!

Grows With Your Little One

One of the greatest frustrations of parenthood is when babies outgrow expensive baby gear. Sure, you can pass it down… but it would have been nice if it lasted a little bit longer, right? With the Summer Infant Compact Canopy Stroller, you will not have this problem! The stroller is suitable for babies and toddlers alike and will adapt to your little one as they grow.

More Great Features

  • Sun visor. Offer your baby extra protection with the sun visor.
  • Peekaboo window. Babies are curious and are sure to want to see what is going on. With the Summer Infant Compact Canopy Stroller, your little one can, thanks to a handy peekaboo window.
  • Autolock. To keep your baby as secure as possible, this summer baby swing alternative has an auto-lock.
  • Snack tray. Nothing occupies a baby quite like a snack. Offer yours one with less of a mess, thanks to the snack tray.
  • Large storage basket. With its large storage basket, the Summer Infant Compact Canopy Stroller will allow you to bring toys, food, and other baby supplies with you on your walk!
  • 5-point harness. Whenever they are, your baby should be secure. This stroller has a five-point harness, to hold them in place snugly.
  • Child and parent cupholders. The Summer Infant Compact Canopy Stroller includes child and parent cupholders, in case either of you needs a refreshing drink.

Extra-large canopy

Compact and easy to store

Snack tray

Ultra-lightweight (only 13 lbs)

Lots of storage space below

Grows with your little one

Carseat compatible


Peekaboo window

Some say the straps can be a bit of a hassle

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