5 Best Baby Monitors For Two Rooms

Once upon time there was a time when parents used to peep in the kids room with super quiet motion. In such a way that not even a heavy breath can disturb the sweet sleep journey of their lovely kids. Then science gave a vibrant entry and like other fields, it revolutionized child care as well.

Like several other gadgets, those assist the parents in their tough journey of parenthood. Baby monitors to keep an eye on your baby when you are away. Is also no less than a magical invention or a wish come true. Imagine if you are working in the kitchen and your kid is sleeping in another room. And you don’t have to run again and again to have a check on the baby.

Baby monitors are a must for you in the present days. When you are mostly living alone and no one else is here to have a check on your little monsters. Babies can never be left unattended no matter whether they are playing, sleeping bathing or even watching tv. Twin baby monitors are the best solution to your problem.

If you want to keep an eye on your kid no matter where ever you are in your house. Baby monitors for two rooms split screen or twin baby monitors can be your best assistance. So let’s move forward to :

  • Best Picks For Baby Monitors
  • Why You Need A Baby Monitor
  • What is actually the best Pick In baby monitors?
  • Best Baby Video Monitor Buying Guide


When we have to prescribe you any product we make sure that it doesn’t be any less than The Best. And for that purpose we sort out from the products that have been used by our best baby’s wing guide families. Moreover if they have positive reviews or they appreciate the product after using only then we add it to our recommended list.

Let’s check which baby monitor suits your requirement and budget the most.

Baby Monitor With Handheld Monitor By KoeHog


  • High Rate Transmission
  • Handheld Monitor 2.8 inches
  • Double Way Talk
  • Night Light In Dark
  • 360 degrees Adjustable
  • Easily Carriable Monitor
  • 360 Degree Rotatable Camera
  • Two Way Voice Communication
  • 1000ft Range
  • Auto Night Vision
  • Take too long to charge

Baby Monitor For Two Rooms Split Screen By Axuve Store


  • Two high deficiency cameras
  • 5 inch display screen
  • 1000 ft working range
  • 15 hour standby battery
  • Night Mode Facility
  • Two Way Communication

Detailed Review

If you want to have an interrupted contact with your baby no matter where you are, this baby monitor is a spectacular choice. Buying this video baby monitor makes you capable of having an eye on your kid in more than one room at a time. And even if you have two kids you can keep an eye on both of them with this split screen baby monitor.

It has a 5 inches high definition screen that allows you to clear images from both cameras which are definitely included in this package. you are going to get two cameras and the split screen baby monitor. If you have more than one kid you have 2 HD cameras to capture as well.

Camera quality is high definition and extremely clear. Moreover this handheld baby monitor is operative within the range of almost thousand feet. so it covers any corner of your house. Its battery timing is also great as after one charge you can use it for 15 continuous hours.

It’s night mode is another feature that is worth explaining because it allows you to have a clear vision of your kid even at night. With this video monitor  now you don’t need to switch on the lights of your kids room at night to have a clear vision. Moreover this camera has anti hack technology which makes it a super safe choice.

Another important feature that I would like to share with you is , 2 way voice transmission. Not only you can see and hear if the baby is crying. But you can also do some magic with your Lovely  voice and chances are high that he will calm down.

  • High Definition Camera And screen
  • Battery Saving Mode
  • Atmosphere Adapted Sensors
  • Temperature Detection Sensors
  • Anti Hack Technology
  • Volume Cannot Be Completely Turn Off

Twin Baby Monitor By Vmai


  • 2 cameras
  • 5 inch wide monitor
  • VOX mode
  • Two Talking
  • In Built Lullabies
  • 1000 ft. stable transmission
  • Supportive Up to four cameras

Detailed Review

If you’re looking for full nursing care for your kid within budget and without any outdoor entry. This baby monitor with two cameras is a great buy that will help you to monitor your kid even from a distance of 1000 ft.

This baby monitor is perfectly designed to take care of your kids in the best possible manner. Let me share with you its list of features that is truly mouth watering for new born parents. Those are deprived of any privacy after the arrival of their little master.

This baby monitor will ease your baby watching activity, you can watch your baby on a brilliant display of a 2x zoomable monitor. You can just keep your baby monitor with you and whenever your baby will cry or make noise the monitor will auto on and even will alarm.

You can not only communicate with your baby on this monitor. but also try to engage him with the built-in lullabies until you reach your restless baby. If you are afraid of missing the feeding time don’t worry as this monitor is going to alarm for your reminder. Moreover it will also monitor the temperature of your baby room as per your parameters.

It is so easy to install that you can easily carry it along and install it where required as its wall mounted design is very supportive. This baby monitor is supportive up to four cameras at a time. so you can monitor your baby in more than one room at a time with this baby monitor.

Along with all its features it provides an uninterrupted 5 hours display with its powerful battery and its quality is justified with lifetime warranty.  What else can you look for in a best baby monitor for multiple rooms.

  • Flawless monitoring
  • Perfectly engageable
  • Monitors baby food time & temperature
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Camera moment cannot be regulated from monitor

Baby Monitors With Handheld Monitor By AXVUE Store


  • Large Vertical Screen
  • Safety With Wireless Technology
  • Auto Night Vision
  • Two Way Communication
  • Long range working

Detailed Review

If you’re looking for a quality baby video monitor for your baby and still want to stay on budget. Believe me you are not going to get any better option than this video baby monitor with two cameras by AXVUE store.

This monitor provides you such a clear image that you feel like you’re making a video of your baby and no transmission is involved. yes it is really sort of indirect data transfer without any information or compression loss.

Its receiver unit is a handy 2.8 inches TFT LCD display, moreover, its 2x zoom option is a great feature when you want clarity in vision. You can easily carry it wherever you want. Its Two way talk option  is another must-have when you’re looking for a baby monitor and believe me it really works even when you are away.

This baby monitor not only keeps you informed about your baby activities. But it also makes sure that it doesn’t disturb your baby at all. You will love it’s night care option which keeps the monitor bright light off  in the dark. Moreover,  if your baby cries the skin brightens up and even starts alarming.

  • Clear Vision with Vertical Screen
  • Two Way Voice Traveling
  • Handheld Monitor
  • TFT LCD Display
  • Temperature Monitoring
  • Economical Price
  • Battery dies soon when not plugged in

2 Room Audio Video Monitor by Motorola Baby 


  • 2 Wide Angle High Definition Cameras
  • Sound Alert
  • 2 cameras included
  • Infrared Night Vision
  • Two Way Communication
  • Temperature Monitoring
  • In built Lullabies
  • Reliable Brand

Detailed Review

If you want to provide the best safety and get the most accurate vision of your kid from a video baby monitor. And you are ready to spend some bucks. This option is going to strike your mind. If you have ever gone through any baby monitor buyers guide I bet this one is not going to miss any of the said features.

It offers a remote pan camera that allows zoom and tilt. When it comes to its display it’s a 15 inch color screen display. That is  good enough to see your kid’s activity. Besides that it provides a temperature monitor as well, so you can see whether your kid is in an appropriate and comfortable temperature or not.

It not only transports your kid’s voice to you through this monitor but you can also communicate with him when he is in distress. Moreover, for making him sleep easily and instantly this baby monitor offers a good collection of Lullabies that help him sleep calmly. Once the baby is sleeping then the  infrared night vision is another great feature which doesn’t interrupt  your kids sleep at night.

If you have two babies and you want to monitor two rooms again this baby monitor by Motorola is a great choice. Because it’s split screen option allows you to see more than one room at a time. Still don’t affect the picture quality or safety quality.

  • Cover each and every corner of room
  • Camera can be controlled through remote
  • Highly Sensitive audio unit
  • Complete Kids Supervision
  • A Bit costly


If you are not sharing the same room for sleeping with your kid? 

or you have a big house where this possibility you might be wandering around some chores. Or your living spaces can be a bit different from the kid…

You definitely need a baby monitor!

  1. Kids are too sensitive and fragile to be left unattended. Mostly while you are living in the house where you don’t have any family like grandparents or any other assistance. You definitely need a baby monitor to keep an eye on your baby for 24/7.
  2. It not only helps you in keeping your baby safe but also saves your struggle of running to your baby’s nursery again and again to have a check. In the past you might have observed that even when the baby is sleeping in his room. Parents are so concerned that they keep on checking again and again.
  3.  Parents even can’t take a rest or enjoy themselves in that period when the baby is doing nothing but sleeping with the baby monitor you can even watch a nice movie or have a chat with friends when your baby is sleeping. You can check your baby without even his knowledge.
  4.  Audio and video monitor is a great idea if you are a working parent. And you are not staying at home all the time and leaving your kid under the supervision of some nanny or kid care.
  5. You can keep an eye on your child, and know how they are treating your child. Moreover, when they will come to know that you are continuously checking on them. They will definitely provide better services for you.
  6. So now my dear, I hope you understand that baby monitors are not for just that you can keep an eye on your kid all the time. But they are great gadgets for kids comfort and safety and also allow you some spear relaxing time with mental ease.


Many people ask me what is actually the best pick for baby monitors. and I always reply to them the answer will vary as per needs. So you need to select a product no matter if it is a baby monitor or a baby swing. You need to check out your budget, your requirements and most for your kids comfort.

Benefits Of Audio Monitor:

If you just want an audio monitor it will provide you with the audio of that particular room where your kid is sleeping or playing. It is more or less like in Intercom. Where if your baby is sleeping it might have no voice other than a fan or any other kind of white noise you have arranged from him. When he gets up you can run to rescue him as he will start making some cute noises or you can even cry.

Benefits Of Video Monitor

If you want to have a complete view of your baby’s room, what he is doing and how is doing it? Video monitors are the better choice as they provide you with the full view of what the kid is doing. It offers you more mental peace as you now have a baby in front of your eyes.

Wearable Monitors

You can even get some wearable monitors to keep you updated about your kids vitals like when he is sleeping or whether he is breathing properly or not.

Now you need to choose first of all which kind of baby monitor is your requirement. After that look into your budget you can choose the best according to your wallet.


Before buying a baby monitor you need to keep in mind your requirements and the following factors so you can make the wisest decision. Once you have decided that you need a video baby monitor you need to consider

Display Type and Quality

When you are looking for a baby monitor you need to check your requirements for the display. if it is a video baby monitor which kind of screen you want to view. Which size and resolution will be appropriate for you either you want to keep it heavy or want a smaller display.

Beside that you need to keep in mind that whether you need a baby monitor for one room or you want a baby monitor for two rooms. Baby monitors with split screens are also available so you can check on them as well.

The technology has made this thing so elaborate that you can get a baby monitor with two receivers as well. It is not always necessary that you buy one that is operated on your mobile with the app. You can even get handheld monitors the market is full of choices you need to make a selection up to your needs.

Night Vision

Many cameras are not very good at framing good quality images especially during night. Night is the most important part when you need a perfectly working high quality baby monitor. To maintain a check that your baby is safe at night, when away from you.

To resolve that issue make sure that whatever baby monitor you are  selecting for your baby. It  is equipped with night vision technology that provides you with best quality images even at night or in dark.

Digital Is Better Than Analogue

If you can spend some bugs on your baby monitor. Digital is always better than its Analog version. Most analogue monitors are operated via radio transmission and are very easy to hack. In contrast digital monitors don’t require Wi-Fi that’s why they are less prone to getting hacked and provide you with uninterrupted services. So digital monitors provide better safety for your kid

Operational Range

Another important factor is again up to your requirements. You need to check what is the distance you are going to have with your kid when you want to observe your kid’s activity on the baby monitor.

You not only need to check the area of your house but you also need to check the construction of your house. Because in some old houses where we have thick plaster walls or have multiple stories. You have to select a baby monitor with a higher range.

Moreover if you are a working parent who wants a baby monitor that can operate with your mobile or Wi-Fi. Then your selection will be in a different domain. But range is also a very important factor which you can’t miss if you want an effective result out of your baby monitor.

Split Screen Functionality

If you want to keep an eye on your kid, or you have more than one kid . Moreover, if you want to monitor multiple rooms in a house split screen functionality is one of the best options available in the market.

As it not only provides you with vision of more than one room on a single screen by splitting the screen into two. But also provides you with an option where you can watch different angles in a single room rotating at 5 sec cycle. Or you can look for a sound sensitive version that can provide you with the most relevant information.

Battery Saving Mode

This feature is very important as it can help you save batteries and make them available whenever required. There is a special feature in few classy monitors that can sense activity and get activated only when required. In such monitors when there is no activity for a long period they go to sleep mode. And when there is activity they get functional otherwise save battery.

Huge or Portable

There are different sizes of baby monitors available in the market. A few are wall mounted and a  few are portable you need to select according to your space and requirement. But I personally prefer the wall mounted one because they are in a safer range and they provide you with a better view.

Single Vs Double Way Communication

Single and double way communication is an option in your baby monitor. In a single way you can just hear the voice coming out from your baby’s room, your baby can communicate with you. Whereas in the double way communication you can even reply to your baby through the baby monitor.

For instance if you are not around your baby and he is going to get up and cry. You can say to him come down baby, I will be here in just a while again. I am telling you about the options you are going to buy according to your requirement.

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