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10 Best Baby Nursery Light 2022

Parenting is fun until you get up at night to feed your baby. We love to be a parent, but it is quite challenging when it comes to feeding and diaper changing at night. Significantly, the first year of your baby’s life will be tough for you because you will be seen visiting the nursery multiple times. 

A night light is a right solution to those daunting nights for the new moms. Moreover, these lights are not that bright to wake the baby up. A perfect and pretty dim light with creativity is what we call a nursery light. To choose these beauties, you will need some help, so we are here to guide you with our top 10 picks:

1. Skip Hop Moonlight and Melodies Nightlight family smart guide

A lighting owl is so satisfying in the nursery. Skiphop Moonlight and Melodies Nightlight is an adorable nursery night light. It is an all-rounder with the lighting function, sounds, and star projection.




The dimmed light is warm enough to make the nights comfortable. It is the belly of that owl that glows with a dim light. The light intensity depends on your choice.

The owl also has a useful feature having eight different melodies to calm your baby. The adjustable lens is to help the baby catch the projection anywhere.

The drawback of this nursery light is that it has a white noise for fussy babies, but it is too quiet compared to other nursery lights.

2. VAVA VA-CL006 Night Light

Being the best night light for feeding baby, the VAVA night light is designed to soothe smaller babies. Your feeding trip will be much more comfortable with this nursery light.





The anti-blue LED lamp is not harmful to those tiny eyes and is suitable for your baby to even play with because the material is highly durable. Your breastfeeding can be easily done with enough light from this pretty lamp.

The best part, it never heats up even if you use it for the whole night.

Moreover, it allows you to adjust the brightness, which will increase the charge life too. It can work for 200 hours with the dimmest light, whereas with the brighter one, it will end in about 6 hours.

You can charge it with a USB charging method or simple batteries.

The drawbacks include a lack of a timer. With a brightness boost, the touch controls won’t work. It only has white lights.

3. Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine

It is an outstanding product to work for both newborns and toddlers. Not only is it a nursery light but a sound machine along with an alarm, wow! Use it as a night light and a wake-up scheduler to ease your nights.




The smart hatch baby rest sound machine lets you control it with its app on your mobile. You have both the choices to either adjust it manually or remotely. Use the app to set the brightness, alarm, timer, and volume too.

Feeding and diaper changing your baby are more comfortable with the perfect combination of smart nursery lighting and sound machine. It has several white noises to soothe your baby at night. The drawbacks include only plug-in available and some sounds are loud enough.

4. Lumipets LED Nursery Night Light family smart guide

Want a pet toy and a night light in one product? Lumipets LED night light is the right choice with affordable price and beneficial features. This silicone toy and a lamp is the most suitable combo for your baby.




To your surprise, the lamp is made up of incredible material which allows you to wash it and your baby to play with it.

That’s not all! It comes with remote control, but you can also use it manually with just a single touch to wake it up.

The only drawback is that it lacks a durable charging system.

5. Cloud B Twilight Turtle Plush Nightlight Projector best kids stuff

Your little ones can have a sweeter and better night’s sleep with their favorite night lights. It is the best baby nightlight and cuddly night friend at the same time.




It is a stuffed toy for your baby in the daytime and a cute night lamp at night. The shell lightens up at night and projects stars with three adjustable color ranges and eight constellations.

The longer-lasting battery timing and the unique color range makes it perfect for your baby’s sleep. The only drawback is that you can only use it in darkroom.

6. LOHAS Dimmable Night Light family smart guide

Lohas is offering the best nursery light with an automatic on and off option. You don’t always have to keep shutting it off.





The best part! It comes with a light detection technology that saves you from manual operations. The lights in the surrounding will tell this lamp to be shut off, whereas, when it will be dark all around, the lamp will turn on, isn’t it amazing?

To avoid disruption in your baby’s sleep, adjust the brightness with just a swipe to either a higher or a lower glow.

It will save your money, space, and electricity, which is beneficial for you in many ways.

As it works automatically, you have to keep it away from other night lights to avoid damage.

7. Groegg2 Night Lamp


The earlier version of the Groegg2 lamp was not that useful. The brighter and bigger LED light is excellent for full room coverage.




The best thing about this lamp which we love the most is its thermal settings. Yes, you read it right. The lamp color changes with the change in the room’s temperature to provide the best baby nursery lighting.

Even the dimmest light can add enough light to the room so that you can perform all your night duties for the baby smoothly, without disturbing the child’s sleep.

You can choose from a creative range of animal faces to make the baby’s night environment fun.

The drawbacks include, USB charger is not available with the lamp, so you have to buy it separately.

Temperature detectors are not suitable for all.

8. Boon Glo Night Light with Balls best kids stuff

What if you have a choice to buy the futuristic and unique nursery nightlight? Boon Glo night light is an excellent lamp for those tiny creative minds.





By relaxed, we not only mean the design but the temperature of the lamp too. The lamp balls are cool enough for the babies to handle them. Moreover, they don’t have any electronic components so stay safe and secure while playing with it.

Children love to play with them at night as these are colored night lamp balls. Some children even hold them to sleep.

After about half an hour, the ball’s glow will be dimmed to avoid disturbing the sleep.

The drawback of this nursery light is its expensive price.

9. TechBoss Kids Night Light family smart guide

Does your kid fall for a toy chicken? We have a suitable option for such choices. Techboss Kids night light is designed as an egg having a chick inside.




You can use it for newborns too, but it is mainly designed for toddlers to make their nights fun and sleepy.

The egg is not entirely fake but has an eggshell on the bottom. The food-grade silicone makes this lamp safer for your child. Battery life can reach up to 300 hours when on the dimmest light settings.

For more comfortable operation, even for the child, it has a touch control for the light settings.

The only drawback is that it lacks a timer.

10. 3D LightFX Marvel 3d Deco Light Bestkidsstiff

Is your kid a fan of a superhero? Then, this 3D Marvel deco light is the best choice for his room. It can be a night light, decor item, and your child’s favorite addition.




Several designs of this lamp are to reach out to more customer’s hearts. But the marvel collection is worth buying. Your kid will feel happy and satisfied while sleeping, which is beneficial for you as well.

The best part! It is highly suitable for toddlers and teens at the same time. You can buy a single lamp for both age groups.

The most impressive part is the sticker that comes with this lamp to create a more realistic look to the room’s wall.

It is battery and operated and energy-efficient too.

Only wall hanging feature is available.

11. RTSU Baby Night Light

Is your kid a fan of a superhero? Then, this 3D Marvel deco light is the best choice for his room. It can be a night light, decor item, and your child’s favorite addition.




Only a single touch can control the lamp, surprisingly. A slight touch on the top can dim the light. It is one of the best nursery light for feeding babies as it won’t disturb their sleep but provide enough light for the mum to feed the baby.

You can either utilize batteries or a USB cable.

This nursery light is compact and lightweight so that you can use it anywhere, anytime.

Easy to remember technology lets the lamp change its color and on-off timings.

This nursery light is worthy but can be a problem while charging sometimes.

Final Verdict

Nursery light is necessary for every nursery because those night trips can be problematic for the mom and the baby. So, get the right night light for your little one to make him sleep in a comfortable and warm environment.

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