Babocush Rocker Swing

Babocush Rocker Swing Reviews for New Born Baby 2023


As a new parent, you are always on the lookout for ways to soothe your little one. You may have tried everything from rocking your baby to sleep to singing lullabies, but nothing seems to work. If you are tired of endless sleepless nights and struggling to calm your fussy baby, the Babocush Rocker Swing set might be the solution you have been searching for.

This pillow is designed with fussy babies and busy parents in mind. The mama roo babocush rocker will use an adjustable heartbeat and vibrations to mimic the womb and soothe your little one. The vibrations also serve to help gas move through their body and also serve to relieve acid reflux, colic, and digestive upset in general. 

Strap your baby into the soft and secure five-point harness, and easily keep an eye on them while they snugly relax. This will leave your hands free for whatever task!


  • Dimensions: 24.8 x 14.9 x 6.7 inches
  • Product weight: 4.6 pounds in total
  • Age range: 3 months on the rocker; 6 months on the tummy pillow
  • Recommended use: 20-30 minutes per day
  • Babocush batteries required are 2 C

Top Features:

  • Lightweight and portable. The Babocush baby swing is super lightweight and easy to carry around, at only 4.6 lbs. Take it with you anywhere.
  • Frees your hands up. Some babies need to be held all of the time! The mama roo babocush rocker can snugly hold your little one for you, leaving you free to cook, enjoy a hobby, and relax.
  • Helps with colic and reflux. Most babies will experience colic or reflux early on. This can cause them great discomfort, which will cause them to become ornery and fussy. You may find yourself without a moment alone, and surely feel sorry for your baby as well. This tummy pillow is designed to soothe and relieve your little one and effectively help with colic and reflux.
  • Five-point harness. This tummy pillow comes with a uniquely soft, strap-like five-point harness, to keep your baby secure.
  • Heartbeat. Baby animals and baby humans alike are very comforted by a heartbeat, which will reassure them their mother is near. This is a wonderful substitute for the human touch when you need to briefly set your little one down.
  • Vibration. The babocush rocker swing is designed with special vibrations, which will stimulate your baby’s tummy and offer them colic relief and gas relief.

Other Great Features:

  • Two ways to use it. The Bobacush can be used as a stand alone, or you can attach it to a bouncer or rocker. Babies tend to especially love the Bobacush when it is combined with a rocker.
  • The cover is machine washable. Babies are notoriously messy, so the Bobacush tummy rocker cover is removable. Simply unzip it, and toss it into the washing machine. 


  • Secure
  • Helps relieve colic and digestive trouble in general
  • New-gen vibration and heartbeat features
  • Machine washable cover
  • Comfortable
  • Two ways to use
  • Lightweight and portable 


  • Some say they found the heartbeat a bit loud and unnatural
  • Some wish babies would sleep on the Bobacush (instead, you must put them to bed once they doze off)
Babocush Rocker

Babocush Rocker Swing

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
  • The Babocush is designed to recreate the comforting environment of the womb for babies, helping them relax and settle easily. Here are its key features and benefits:
  • Mimics the womb: The Babocush replicates the womb atmosphere with gentle vibrations and a heart-beat sound, providing a familiar retreat for the baby.
  • Reduces colic: By securely holding the baby and offering gentle vibrations and a heartbeat sound, the Babocush helps prevent colic and provides extra comfort.
  • Maintains open airways: The natural position of the baby on the Babocush allows the airways to relax and remain open, reducing the risk of them slumping over.
  • Relieves wind and gas: Placing the baby on the Babocush after a feed can provide instant relief from wind and gas pains.
  • Helps with reflux: The incline of the Babocush can be adjusted to ensure the baby is in the correct position to prevent acid reflux.

The Bobacush Rocker Is Designed To Help Relieve Colic
Babocush Rocker Swing

What is colic? You may already know all too well if your infant experiences this themselves. The technical definition of colic is when an infant cries for more than 3 hours a day, regularly. Common causes are acid reflux, gas, food intolerance, and digestive causes in general. Of course, your baby could also have a serious health issue. If your baby seems to be in excessive distress, give your doctor a visit. More likely than not, your little one will suffer from simple tummy trouble. After all, baby bodies are brand new and can be quite sensitive.

Many parents try to treat colic but are not successful. Or, it simply takes an incredible amount of work! Luckily, Bobacush is there. When you need a break, you can rest your little one on this specially-designed pillow. 

Babocush Tummy Rocker Install

The Babocush Rocker is nice and easy to install. This is because there is actually virtually no installation necessary. All that you need to do is lay the tummy pillow on the floor or attach it to a rocker. It’s that simple.

Babocush Rocker Swing

To turn the Babocush into a Babocush Rocker, just slide the hood over the top of your rocker. Underneath, there are straps that are clip-on. This will properly secure the Babocush and your little one.

The Bobacush does not pair with every rocker. The most highly recommended combination is the Bobacush and the MamaRoo. There are, however, other rockers that are compatible. Just be sure to check!

How To Safely Use The Bobacush Rocker

When it comes to using the Bobacush rocker safely, there are some major things that you should note. First off, you will need to be absolutely sure that your baby’s head is to the side. The rule applies to any time that your little one is on their tummy! When lying incorrectly, they could potentially suffocate. Turning your baby’s head to the side will allow them to breathe properly.

The Bobacush company also makes it very clear that these are not for babies to sleep on, but simply to offer them relief and to help them relax. Otherwise, SID could occur. Take your little one to their bassinet as soon as they have nodded off.

The Bobucush Rocker was made to be extremely secure. To keep them snug and safe, just strap your baby in. The straps go on the shoulders, waist, between the legs, and back. This will both hold your baby in a comfortable position and effectively prevent them from a fall.  

Why to Choose The Babocush?

Supportive And Comfortable:

The Bobacush Rocker is designed for maximum support. You can depend on it to cushion your baby’s head, back, and neck. The Bobacush even decreases the chance of flat head syndrome (which is caused when babies lay too often on their backs).

To encourage proper bone development, this pillow is neither too hard nor excessively soft. Instead, it is plush but supportive; the perfect spot to let your baby relax for a little while. Babies seem to be most happy with the Bobacush when it is attached to a bouncer or vertical rocker.

Babocush Rocker Swing

The Babocush Vibration And Heartbeat Relieve And Soothe This pillow comes with a state-of-the-art heartbeat and vibration feature. The heartbeat is, of course, meant to simulate being near Mother. This can be extraordinarily effective when helping babies (even baby animals) relax.

Along with this, there are 3 vibration modes to choose from in this baby swing set. These will help your baby pass gas, relieve colic, and soothe your baby’s digestive troubles in general. The Bobacush batteries are 2 Cs, which are located, with adjustable buttons, under the cover.

Wiggly babies will seldom hold still. For enough motion to calm them, try the third-highest vibration level. This can be especially useful at naptime (just move your baby to their crib once they fall asleep, or after 20-30 min; whichever comes first).

Machine Washable

An unfortunate reality is that, well, babies can make a bit of a mess; more likely than not, they will have an accidental spill.   As you know, proper sanitation is important for the health of your baby. With this in mind, to clean, you may remove the Babocush Rocker cover! Just unzip it, slide it off, and toss it in the washing machine. You will want to run the load on gentle, and the water temperature should not exceed 30F.

Make Your Own Babocush Into A Babocush Rocker

The Babocush works great as a standalone tummy pillow. Or, to add some extra stimulation for your baby, you may attach it to a rocker. 

According to most customers, babies tend to favor the Babocush when it is combined with a rocker. Along with the heartbeat and vibration features, this makes the Babacush all the more soothing for your baby. If you make your own Babocush into a rocker, it will also create additional colic and gas relief for your baby. 


Q: Is there a Babocush for adults?

A: There is not a Babocush for adults; these are baby pillows only. Should you suffer from acid reflux yourself, there are some foods and medications you might try (such as bananas, milk, and more).

Q: How old must my baby be to use the Babocush rocker?

A: Your baby can use a Babocush tummy rocker as soon as possible! These are perfect for a newborn. Babies will usually use the Babocush for 3 months, sometimes up to 6 (it will depend on their weight, size, and inclination).

Q: Can the Babocush be used for babies that are premature?

A: Yes! In fact, for premature babies, the Babocush tummy rocker can prove an invaluable source of comfort and relief. Premature babies tend to suffer more from colic, gas, and digestive troubles in general.


The Bobacush tummy rocker is a great option for parents with fussy babies, as it is designed to soothe and comfort babies with its adjustable heartbeat and vibrations that mimic the womb. The vibrations help move gas through the baby’s body and relieve acid reflux, colic, and digestive upset. The five-point harness keeps the baby secure, and the Babocush is lightweight and portable, making it easy to take with you on the go. The Babocush tummy rocker cover is also machine washable, and it can be used as a standalone or attached to a bouncer or rocker


“A calm and content baby means a calm and content parent, and the Babocush Rocker Swing can help achieve just that.”


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