Babocush Rocker Swing Reviews for New Born Baby

Top 5 Old Fashioned Baby Swings Of All Time 

The companionship between the kids and the old fashioned baby swings have been constant throughout the changing times. As your kids grow up you want them to enjoy the same fun and joy that you did when you pushed yourself up and above on the swings.

Swings have changed over the years, from a car tire hung from the tree in the yard outside the house to the plastic swing sets that even toddlers can safely swing in. Throughout these changes, the love to swing has not wavered in the kids. Maybe it is developed by the way parents reminisce in their memories of childhood when the sun was shining and laughter and joy was in the air. Makes you want to have that kind of sheer happiness, doesn’t it?

And surely you want your kids to have that as well. Especially now that there are swing sets that even your toddler can enjoy, what is possibly holding you back? Trust issues, information explosion, you name it – is that what you are thinking? You are probably not the only one. With so many overwhelming options out there, parents are bound to get confused and hesitate before making a decision.

But look at you! Doing your research before making your decision, isn’t that why you are here? Well done. So since you are here for the reviews on not a take on how swings make children’s faces glow, so let’s dive into it.

Sports Power First Toddler Swing

As soon as your baby becomes a toddler you want them to feel the same joy as you did when you were a baby when you went on your swings. But where can you get an old-fashioned hand-crank baby swing anyway? One that you can trust enough to place your baby in?

Don’t worry, since it is the modern days you get everything old-fashioned easily. That includes the hand crank baby swing as well. Are you look to get one for your newly turned toddler – Sports power My First Toddler Swing can be a fit for you.


Sports power is built around the motto to make quality affordable for people. And thus that is the basic idea behind this swing set as well. The brand itself promises quality at a price that your wallet would really like.

Age: Your baby becomes eligible to play on this swing set the second they turn 9 months old and can keep enjoying it till they reach the age of 36 months.


It hardly takes about 10-15 minutes to be put together. It only has one seat so only one baby can be entertained at a particular time. If you have more than one toddler than you can devise a system for them to take turns.

The seat is made of highly durable material which assures durability but is also lightweight at the same time. It can be set up both outdoors and indoors

  • Robust design but lightweight
  • Can be set outdoor or indoor
  • Easily foldable
  • Portable
  • Easy Assembly
  • Can only support a certain weight, the latches come off if the limit is exceeded.

Jolly Jumper for Active Babies

Is your little one growing faster and faster every day? And he just won’t stop moving around. Having energy is good but there is no shame in admitting that too much energy makes you want to tape your child to a wall for a couple of hours. No, you are not a bad parent to think that way and definitely not alone.

So instead of duct tape, how about we focus their energy on a swing set? But then do they still make wind up baby swings? You would be surprised to see what they have in store and what your child can possibly have. One such swing set is the Jolly Jumper made exclusively for active kids like your little one. This might be just the fit for you. 



Jolly Jumper is built around toddlers that have hyper-energy and like to move around and bounce. It has a standing jumper that allows the baby to be able to stand and bounce with a stand that eliminates the need for a door or any other support system.

It is ideal for babies that can hold up their heads which is about when they are about 3 months of age. The jumper is designed so that it helps the baby not only concentrate their energy on something fun but also improves balance and a proper upright posture.

  • Standing jumper for active babies
  • Easily stored
  • Safely holds the baby upright
  • Allows the baby to jump around and play
  • The jumper can fall off if the weight limit is exceeded (13 kilograms)

Costzon Kids Swing Set

So you are looking for a manual baby swing, not for your child but children, what is there to worry about when we have got you covered.

Presenting to you Costzon Kids Swing Set that will give your children the outdoor experience they want within their own home. Yes, your children! This swing set offers two swing seats and two different activities.


The first and foremost is that it offers multiple seats in the same swing set. In addition, there is also a see-saw with it. All in all, it can accommodate 4 kids at one time.

The set up includes a strong iron frame and the seats are made out of plastic. An extremely reliable and strong framework that has powder finishing making the swings and the whole set look attractive. Despite looking complicated, it is very easy to assemble. The stand and the swing come together without the application of any additional cement.

  • Strong built
  • Multiple activities
  • Accommodates 4 kids at one time
  • May not accommodate children beyond a certain age.

ALEKO BSW02 Child Baby Toddler Indoor Outdoor Swing

Looking for a swing for your baby who’s just turned 9 months old? Your little one must now be looking for ways to dissipate their energy and exploring around. That can be quite a task for the parents, and it is only natural for you to have them busy with something that is safe and also fun.

A tall wind-up baby swing sound just like the answer you have been looking for. ALEKO BSW02 may just be the right fit for you.


This swing set is made to accommodate a baby that is between the ages of 9-36 months. Its compact build allows you to use it indoors as well as outdoor. It can support a maximum weight of about 30 pounds.

The ropes are adjustable that allows the seat to be set according to the changes in the baby. As your baby’s height grows so would the height of the seat. This allows the swing set to grow with your baby.

  • Strong and reliable build
  • Adjustable seat with the height of your baby
  • Outdoor and indoor use
  • Easy to assemble and store
  • As babies grow at their own pace, some have reported the seat to be smaller for their healthy babies

Cotzon Toddler Swing Set

Looking for a swing set for your baby to enjoy instead of messing around the house that you have to keep cleaning up? A swing set is an amazing decision. If your baby is older than 3 months than Cotzon Toddler Swing Set might be the match for you.


The frame offers extra-ordinary stability with the iron pipes and reinforced joints. The ropes are also hung with strong chains. It includes a safety belt to keep the child from falling off to the side.


There is no requirement of additional things to put it together, everything is included in the package. Even though it doesn’t exclusively come with an instruction manual, the procedure is pretty straight forward and easy to figure out.

In addition to this, there is also a triangular seat belt that keeps the baby in place and allows them to play while keeping you worry less. It comes with a stand but you can also remove the seat and hand it elsewhere.

It has a sturdy robust built that can hold up to 55 lbs of weight. Make sure that the baby is within the limit to avoid any mishaps.

  • Removable
  • Extremely stable and durable
  • Safe and Secure
  • Easy to put together
  • No additional material required
  • It doesn’t include an instruction manual to help you out.

Take it Away!

You are now well educated about the kind of old-fashioned baby swings that are available in the market. There are swings that cater to your specific needs. In this review, you have seen detailed features with the pros and cons explicitly stated.

You can now decide which swing set speaks to you and seems suitable for your baby or baby. Trust yourself and make a decision – you will not be wrong. Happy Swinging!

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