Cats are a truly loveable creature, they know to shower love and compassion but keeping them away from a baby crib is as important as it is difficultHow to keep the cat out of baby stuff ? is a question that comes to the mind of all cat lovers who just have been blessed with a little angle. 

I have heard so many people, that you should get rid of your cat when you are pregnant with our first human baby. But is it fair ? to get a new one to get rid of the first one.

Yes, I love my cat as much as I love my baby. I don’t find it fair enough to show her off as I got a human baby now. So what should you do? 

Be completely unprepared for the situation? I don’t suggest it as well because your catty is going to be a bit troublesome for you at times. but I believe you should manage as you don’t throw away your older child when you are pregnant with the younger. 

Do You Want Stop Cat From the baby’s crib or the whole Room?

baby sleeping with cat

Definitely it’s your baby so your call, so you just need to be sure about your cat’s limits. Make sure that whether you want her to be away from your baby’s bassinet or the whole room. Once you decided then you can move towards measures accordingly. Moreover, your decision of keeping the cat in the room or out of the room, things depend upon 

  • your relationship with your cat 
  • Nature of your cat

If you ask for my opinion I suggest, let the cat be inside the room but a bit away from the crib. Keeping your cat in the room but away from the bassinet is a comparatively easy option. And it is less stressful for your first cat baby as well. Moreover, it’s good for the cat and baby’s bonding as well.

Believe me, after a few measures and a little care you will earn a good friend for your little human baby. moreover, your cat, will keep him engaged and not let him feel lonely as once she was doing the same for you. Remember?

With New Arrangements For your Baby, You Need New Arrangements For your Cat too!

Your cat is psychologically and emotionally attached to you, and your extra attachment towards a new dimension can trigger her curiosity. So what you need to do is divert her attention. As you are getting a new attraction in life provide her with few as well.

For instance, your cat will be very curious to see what’s inside your baby crib.

Moreover, cats like to climb it’s in their nature so they will try to jump in the bassinet. So if you want to stop them from this activity provide them with a parallel. Put a Cat tree in the room and a bed on a window for your cat will be another engagement for her. In this way, she will be less stressful for you and your baby. As sh

e herself will be busy and happy.

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Spend Some Quality Time With Your Cat

I know this point seems silly to you, that with your so many tasks and a newborn to take care of. I m instructing you to spend a bit of quality time with your cat as well. But dear believe me this one is not a suggestion but actually a tip. That will save you from lots of inconvenience and mess.

Your cat is also habitual of your love and care and now as you are busy with your new soul, you cant leave the earlier alone. This one is just as on the arrival of a new baby you forget about the elder one.

Moreover, take it as compulsory like you take your laundry and cooking, no exception to it as well. As leaving your cat unattended for all the time will annoy her and when a baby is annoyed he becomes annoying as well.

And will cause you to panic, so spending a bit of engaging time will save her from distress and you from the trouble.


Can Your Cat Attack Your Baby?

In the most favorable cases, this is the least possible thing. But keeping away your cat from your baby is still a must. As the cats like to rub themselves with warm things and especially humans. And your baby can’t move or save himself, so might get hurt or suffocated. leaving the cat in contact with your baby unattended is not a good idea.

Is It Safe if My Cat Is Sleeping In The crib with My baby?

Keeping your cat out of the crib whether the baby is in the crib or not is an unsafe idea. As your little baby have a little immunity too. Moreover, keeping the cat in the crib will invite her litter and other offending substances as well. That can cause health issues to your junior.

What is the best way to introduce your human baby to your cat baby?

The first thing that you can do is, introduce your baby’s smell to your cat. Take a used blanket of your baby and put it in access to your cat. before the baby has entered the home.

Let her sniff it to her maximum so she can get familiar with the baby. As the new entry doesn’t bother her too much as she is already familiar with the smell.

Secondly before letting the baby in the house greet the cat first and spend a few moments of playtime and joy time with her.

So she is relaxed when the other baby enters.

Good Bye Note

I hope this article will help you to make a true love bond with you, your baby and your cat. Yes, it might be complicated in the beginning. but once it’s settled it will be not only fun but even you will find extra ease with this true love of your cat and your baby. 

And you might feel jealous as they can neglect you in their be relax and enjoy parenthood, as enjoyable as much challenging.