When you are a parent you always have to keep looking for the things which will help you with parenting. When your baby is a newborn things are pretty much easy. But once he is 5 to 7 months old, you have to start giving him solid food. He will need to be comfortably seated as well while he takes the little bites. At this point, you will need a high chair for your baby.

A folding high chair will be the most suitable chair for your baby. We know that choosing the best folding high chair can be difficult. It depends on certain factors. Including the space of your house, for how long you want to use the high chair, taking care of the neatness of the high chair, and the comfortability of the baby. There are different types of materials used for the manufacturing of folding high chairs. The best folding high chairs are usually made up of wood or plastic. The one that always has given priority is the metallic frame. These folding high chairs are usually less inexpensive than the other ones.

If you are trying to get a high chair that doesn't take much space or make your living room look congested or a high chair that you can take with you while you are on a vacation, then no worries because we have made this decision easier for you. We reviewed the web and made a list of the best folding high chairs.

Popup Folding Primo high chair: 

With an apparent slim design, this folding high chair is perfect for your baby. This chair weighs only 10 lbs. Because of its popup feature, you can save your space and place it anywhere in the kitchen. This is one of the best folding high chairs for small spaces.

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  •  This folding chair can be placed anywhere and it will not take much space
  • You can pull this chair easily and drag it anywhere because of its lightweight
  •  It has a smooth and comfortable seat which is also cushioned
  •  It has a safety harness that will protect the baby from falling or any injury
  •  It comes with a removable tray that is easy to clean
  • The leather seat is padded and will make the baby feel comfortable
  • No complex hassle design included which makes it easier for you to pack the chair and
    take it anywhere with you
  • You can use the product right out of the box
  • The sophisticated design of the chair
  • The hassle design might be not good for the baby holding
  •  It doesn’t have wooden legs so it has less stability as compared to the wooden ones.

2. Cozy Primo Deluxe Tot folding high chair: 

This chair is one of the best high folding chairs. This chair has a width of 10 inches only. Babies of ages 6-36 months can easily use it. This chair is not only good for mealtime but also the best for playtime as well.

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  • the most beneficial feature of this chair is that it has two feeding trays. So you can use both trays and save your time
  • The legs of this chair are strong and will have no issue of falling or injuring the baby
  •  It has a harness type of 3 points. This adds more protection and strength to the chair
  • Seat design is the most comfortable and it is posture friendly. Your baby’s body will be protected
  • You can easily take this chair with you anywhere. It can be folded easily
  •  It can also be used as a toddler chair when it is not being used by the baby
  •  This chair has the feature of adjusting the height of the chair.
  •  It is not light weighted
  •  If not used for longer periods it can get damaged
  •  Plastic on the chair might get destroyed by moisture

3. Joovy Turquoise Nook Hair Chair: 

Welcome a pretty high chair in your house by selecting a jury turquoise nook hair chair. It is usually seen that the tray of the chairs is hard to use. The chair gives a great function of the swing-open tray. It helps you a lot in doing others and taking the hold of the chair with one hand. It doesn’t take much space either. The height of the chair is 9 inches. Its width and length are 23.5 and 28.5 inches respectively. It is a baby-friendly unisex high chair. It allows the weight of 50lbs.

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  • This chair has the amazing feature of the swing-open tray which is removable
  •  The swing-open tray of this chair can be positioned in 4 directions. This way you don,t have to worry about keeping an eye on your baby constantly
  • The design and model of the chair are baby-friendly
  •  It can bear the weight of 50 lbs
  •  The pads on the legs of the chair are scratch-proof
  • The baby will not fall or have any injury
  •  The seat of the chair is not cushioned
  •  The material of the chair might get rusted if not used for some time

4. Space Saver Portable High chair: 

This chair is made for babies and toddlers. It has the most amazing features of a booster seat. It can be used for mealtime and playtime as well. The setup for this chair is free of hassle so you don’t have to go through an extensive packing session. This chair has a child locking belt. The fabric of the chair is non-irritating. It is resistant to dirt and stains. The tray used in this chair is safely attached. It can also be used for children. It comes with a booster seat, a cushion to provide the baby soft support, a detachable tray.

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  • This chair can be used for the ages of 6 months to 36 months
  • This chair supports a weight of 37lbs
  •  It is a light weighted chair and can be taken anywhere easily
  •  It has a comfortable folding style and it comes with a travel bag as well. You can pack it in the bag with the minimum hustle
  •  The important feature of a safe food-grade helps the baby enjoy his mealtime while playing too
  •  The cushions of the chair are nonirritating to avoid any skin problems for your baby
  • This chair doesn’t bear as much weight as others

5. Adjustable Kids Embrace High folding chair: 

When a baby is growing up, their favorite time of the day is when they are trying new foods or having mealtime. Make your baby mealtime enjoyable by selecting a perfect and comfortable folding high chair which you can take anywhere with you. This chair is amazing. It has the best features for changing the height to six different positions. It is adjustable and you can fix it to whatever height and position you want for your baby. The apparent design for the chair is a batman covering, it will help your baby in cheering up and he will happily eat his food. It has a large food tray so you can put his toys and food on
the tray as well. As soon as your baby will finish the food you can remove the tray and clean it. The large tray makes it easy for you to store the food as well. The high chair legs need to be cleaned. The maximum weight this chair can bear is 40 pounds.

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  •  The tray can easily be removed and cleaned
  •  It can be fixed into different positions
  •  The wheels of the high folding chair can make it easy for you to move the baby
  •  The chair has five hassle points so your baby is safe when he is in the chair
  •  Babies who weigh between 5 to 40lbs can easily use it
  •  The material of the baby seat is eco-friendly
  •  It has a five-point hassle which means that it will be a little tough to fold it
  •  Wheels can undergo corrosion and can get damaged

A folding high chair is very important when you have a baby at your home. These high folding chairs are the best when you have to travel somewhere and you want to take the chair with you. Your baby will be more comfortable sitting in his own space rather than sitting on the lap. These chairs can be used indoors and outdoors. Their folding features make them the best choice because this way they will not occupy more space. The best high folding chairs will make it easier for you to take your baby with you at the grocery stores, malls, and parks as well. However, precautions should be taken while using any kind of folding high chairs. Make sure they come with child safety locks and hassle points.

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