Best Formula For Newborns 2022

The journey of becoming a mother is beautiful indeed! There are many roller coasters of bitter-sweet memories, but once you take your baby in your arms, every struggle seems like it paid off. The very next step now is feeding the new baby. There are several best formulas for newborns available for the very reason.

Mother milk is the best source of nutrients for babies; WHO (World Health Organization) strongly recommends that babies should feed on breastfeeding for at least six months. However, it is not practically possible for every mother. Some are not medically fit, and there are other practical reasons too. Sometimes a baby needs extra care, so the only option left is baby formula.

There are hundreds of baby formulas available in the market, and it’s hard to decide what the best formula for newborns is? In this article, you will be guided with the few best formulas for newborn breastfeeding alternatives indeed. Here are few best baby formulas for newborns available on Amazon, with a description of how they are the best baby formulas for newborns. 

1. Similac Sensitive for gassy babies


Every baby has a different need, and few babies are born with sensitive tummies. Similac Sensitive is the best formula for newborns with gas. It is a lactose-free formula designed for newborn health. Lactose intolerance is rare in the infant, but lactose can cause a problem in digesting and absorption, leading to gas and irritation.

Similac Sensitive is a good choice for little angels who are gassy but growing well otherwise. The formula consists of nutritional components; it has main protein from milk protein isolate and carbohydrates from corn syrup, sugar, and galactooligosaccharides. The fat ingredients are derived from oleic sunflower and coconut oil. The milk contains DHA & ARA, which is good for digestion and gastric issues.

  • Similac is famous for its infant formula that comes with no artificial hormones.
  • The Infant formula is milk-based, and it is designed to provide complete nutrients for the first twelve months.
  • The formula mainly helps in fussiness and gas due to lactose sensitivity.
  • The milk-based formula is enriched with essential nutrients that are found in breast milk.
  • The formula helps in the better growth of your child’s eye and mental development.
  • The formula is too foamy.

2. Enfamil ProSobee Soy-based formula for newborns


Lactose intolerance is rare in babies, but when your kid is suffering from it, only a few formulas can provide the required nutrition. Enfamil ProSobee infant formula is soy-based which means it contains plant-sourced protein, which is good for sensitive tummies. It is one of the best formulas for newborns with wind issues and other digestive issues.

It is sufficient for newborns with lactose intolerance and provides a dairy-free milk alternative to milk-based formula. It is one of the best soy formulas for newborns, perfect for babies with special dietary needs (vegetarian or kosher). Enfamil mil-powder helps reduce fussiness and gas issues caused by milk formulas. The formula contains around 0.32% of DHA fatty acids.

  • Soy-based formula is best for babies with lactose intolerance.
  • Dairy-free solution for families who have unique dietary concerns like vegetarian or kosher diets
  • Soy helps reduce gas, wind, and fussy tummy problems.
  • It contains DHA, which helps in child mental growth.
  • The formula is convenient to use bottles.
  • Not for babies after one year

3. Earth Best Organic Infant powder


Earth’s baby formula is the best organic formula for newborns. It is enriched with Iron that is crucial for babies’ health. The formula is USDA-Certified organic formula produced from organic milk from cows. The cows are fed on certified organic grains and hay. None of them are grown with synthetic pesticides or fertilizers. All ingredients are non-GMO and free of any corn syrup solids.

The organic baby formula is enriched with prebiotics fiber and iron to boost immunity and includes nutritional components like lutein for eyesight health. It contains omega 3 DHA omega-6 ARA that promotes brain health. Lactose works as a primary carbohydrate ingredient, organic non-fat milk, and the primary protein source. Soy, coconut, organic palm, and high oleic oils provide essential fats.

  • The milk formula is easy to digest and provides complete nutrition for babies less than one year.
  • The Earth’s milk formula is closest to breast milk and contains no corn syrup solids.
  • Essential ingredients like Omega 3 and 6, Iron, fatty acids support brain and eye development for the baby’s healthy growth.
  • Lutein is good for eyes and immunity development.
  • Non-GMO ingredients and Kosher made without any prohibited fertilizers.
  • It is not a good choice for babies with sensitive tummies.


4. Gerber Baby Formula


Gerber Good Start baby formula is the overall best formula for newborns. It has all the essential nutrients along with comfort proteins. Now, we all know that every milk-based formula contains Casein and whey. These are traditional parts of infant powder milk – then what’s so special about Gerber.

Gerber Good Start GentlePro has pure whey with portions of proteins predigested/hydrolyzed. The Casein is complex protein because it is difficult to digest it and sometimes create stomach acid issue. With predigested protein, no little belly will suffer from digestive problems.

Additionally, the formula also includes vegetable oil that is derived from soy, coconut, and sunflower. It has lactose, corn, maltodextrin, ARA, DHA, and other necessary vitamins and minerals.

  • It provides an excellent start to your baby with all the necessary ingredients.
  • The nutrition elements in milk help in better development of eyesight and mind development.
  • The predigest proteins provide better digestion for newborns.
  • The formula is modeled after the complete nutrition of breast milk and provides whole food to babies less than one year.
  • It is among the best nutrition formula for growing age.
  • Consult your doctor before giving it to the baby with a sensitive tummy problem.


5. Happy Family Baby Infant formula


Are you looking for something nearest to mother milk? Lucky you, your search end here! Happy Baby Organic is the best baby formula for breastfeed babies because it is modeled on mother milk. We all know that mother feed is best, and if you are looking for some organic substitute, nothing can replace Happy Film milk formula.

The Happy Baby formula is made to meet all the nutritional needs of your baby’s first year. It has all the ingredients similar to breast milk like essential vitamins, DHA, vitamin D, zinc, calcium, and organic lactose. The organic lactose is made from cows raised on organic farms, and the formula contains non-GMO ingredients free of corn syrup.

  • It contains a high level of Choline for baby eyes and brain development.
  • It contains all the nutrients which are present in breast milk.
  • It is easy to digest for all babies.
  • Vitamins and prebiotics help in building a healthy immune system.
  • Please consult your doctor before feeding it to babies with reflux.

Milk is the only source of nutrition for babies, and it is better to feed them on mother milk. The best baby formulas for newborns are an excellent substitute for breastfeeding. The essential ingredients and organic elements make them healthier and stronger.

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