Graco vs Fisher-Price Baby Swings

Graco vs Fisher-Price Baby Swings: Which Should I Choose for My Child?

As a parent, I want to make sure I purchase the best baby swing to keep my little one happy and comfortable. Two of the top brands are Graco and Fisher-Price. But how do I decide whether a Graco or Fisher-Price baby swing is right for my needs?

In this comprehensive guide, I will compare the key features and differences between Graco and Fisher-Price baby swings. As a parent, I will review swing types, motion, speed settings, safety, extras like music and toys, ease of use, price, and other important factors.

My goal is to help other parents make an informed decision when choosing a Graco or Fisher-Price baby swing. By the end, you will have the knowledge to select the model that fits your baby’s preferences and budget. Let’s dive in!

Overview of Graco and Fisher-Price

Graco and Fisher-Price are two of the biggest and most trusted brands in baby products. They make some of the top-rated baby swings on the market. But there are some variances between the swings they each produce that I will outline in this comparison.

Graco Baby Swings

Graco Duet Soothes Swing + Rocker, One Size

Graco offers a range of baby swing models at different price points. Their signature features include:

  • Plug-in and battery powered options
  • Full-size cradles and portable infant swings
  • Vibration, bouncing, and swinging motions
  • Adjustable swing speeds from low to high
  • Toys, sounds, and music
  • 5-point harnesses for safety
  • Machine washable seat pads
  • Squawk indicator alerts when buckled incorrectly

Fisher-Price Baby Swings


Fisher-Price is also a leading manufacturer of baby swings. Here are some of their notable attributes:

  • Both plug-in only or battery powered models
  • Open top full size swings and travel swings
  • Swinging and bouncing motions available
  • Multiple recline positions
  • Soothing music, sounds and lights
  • Removable seat pads that can go in the washer
  • 5-point restraint harnesses
  • Some models have Bluetooth connectivity

As you can see, Graco and Fisher-Price share many comparable features. Next, I’ll do a direct comparison of key factors so you can determine which brand best suits your family’s needs.

Direct Comparison of Key Features

Based on this overview, you can see that Graco and Fisher-Price baby swings have many comparable attributes. Now I’ll dive deeper into the details on key factors that may differentiate the two brands for parents.

Types of Baby Swings

Graco and Fisher-Price both offer full-size stationary swings and portable travel swing options. Here’s an overview:

Full Size Swings

The full size cradles or open top stationary swings allow multiple recline positions and provide a safe enclosed seat. However, they take up more space at home and aren’t portable.

Travel Swings

The portable infant/travel swings have a more upright design with a smaller footprint. They fold up conveniently for transport or storage. But the travel swings usually recline less and have fewer features.

Graco tends to offer more full size swing variety, while Fisher-Price leans toward the travel swing models. Consider your space constraints and needs for portability.

Swing Motions

The type of swing motion can impact baby’s comfort and your preferences.

Swinging Motion

The classic front-to-back swinging motion of slung bucket seats are found on both brands’ full size models. This cradling swing movement soothes many babies to sleep.

Bouncing Motion

Some Fisher-Price swings incorporate an up-and-down bouncing chair motion instead of swinging. Bouncing can be calming but takes up less space.


Many Graco swings include a vibrating setting that provides comforting stimulation for baby. This vibration option isn’t found on most Fisher-Price models.

Pay attention to which motions your baby responds to best when selecting between the brands.

Customizable Speed Settings

The ability to adjust swing speed adds flexibility for your child’s preferences.

Graco – Graco swings allow parents to control the swing speed from low to high across a wide range. This lets you easily customize the motion to soothe baby.

Fisher-Price – Most Fisher-Price swings have only 2-3 speed options from low to medium. Less variability in swing speeds.

The more customizable range of speeds on Graco swings is a useful benefit if you have a baby that’s sensitive to motion.

Safety Features

Top priorities for any baby swing are safety and security.

5-Point Harnesses

Both Graco and Fisher-Price swings come with a 5-point restraint harness system to securely contain baby in the seat. This full upper body and waist clip harness keeps your little one protected.

Squawk Alert

Some Graco swings include a helpful “Squawk” sound that alerts parents if the harness buckles are fastened incorrectly. This provides an extra layer of harness security reassurance.

Overall, both brands offer excellent safety, but the Graco harness alert can give parents an added peace of mind.

Toys, Music, and Activities

Swings often include entertainment extras to stimulate your baby.


Many Graco and Fisher Price models have overhead mobile toys or trays with attached toys for batting and grasping. These toys promote visual tracking and motor skills.

Music and Sounds

Both brands offer swings with soothing music, white noise, and nature sounds. Some Fisher-Price swings even have Bluetooth connectivity so you can play your own music playlists.


Fisher-Price swings incorporate lights in some designs for visual stimulation. Graco doesn’t offer light up features.

Consider whether your baby will appreciate the entertainment value when selecting a swing.

Ease of Use for Parents

As a busy parent, I don’t want to struggle with swing setup and adjustments.


Graco swings have easy straightforward assembly with click-in pieces and folding frames. Fisher-Price swings often have more components and connections, making set up more difficult.

Operation and Adjustments

Graco swings tend to have convenient adjustment knobs, buttons, and levers. This allows easy changes to swing speed, recline, and motion. Fisher-Price models can lack indications for which settings do what.


Both brands’ travel swings fold up compactly for transport and storage. But Graco’s release latches for folding seem to operate a bit smoother.

Ease of use is an advantage of Graco swings for hassle-free assembly, adjustments, and portability.

Noise Levels

No parent wants a creaky swing disrupting their house or baby’s sleep!

Graco – Graco swings tend to have relatively quiet motors on par with white noise machines. Minimal annoying squeaking or grinding.

Fisher-Price – Some Fisher-Price models are known for loud motor noise and distracting squeaks during swinging. This can upset baby or keep them from sleeping.

Be aware that Fisher-Price swings may create more disruptive noise levels compared to smoother, quieter Graco models.

Price Considerations

Budget is often a key factor when comparing baby products.

Graco – Graco swings range from $100 to $200 for both full size and infant travel models. Provides functional performance for a mid-range price.

Fisher-Price – Fisher-Price swing prices span from $50 for basic travel models up to $175 for deluxe versions. More diversity of lower and higher cost models.

Both brands offer quality swings at reasonable prices. Evaluate which features suit your budget.

Recommended Models

Based on my comparison, here are some specific Graco vs Fisher-Price swing models to consider:

For Graco

  • Graco Simple Sway Swing – $100
  • Graco Glider LX Gliding Swing – $160
  • Graco Duetsoothe Swing + Rocker – $200

For Fisher-Price

  • Fisher-Price Sweet Snugapuppy Dreams Cradle ‘n Swing – $160
  • Fisher-Price Moonlight Meadow Cradle ‘n Swing – $120
  • Fisher Price Deluxe Take Along Swing – $80

These options provide the signature features of each brand at different price points.

Bottom Line

For me as a parent, the takeaways when deciding between Graco vs Fisher-Price swings are:

Choosing the right swing depends on my priorities – space, budget, features, and baby’s preferences. By understanding the differences between Graco and Fisher-Price swings, I can make an informed purchase decision to provide comforting motion for my child.

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