Allen sports bike trailer review 2022

This review is written for those parents who wants to carry their kid with them and want to know about the following points

  • Allen sports bike trailer weight limit
  • Allen sports bike trailer attachment
  • Allen sports bike trailer instructions
  • Allen sports bike trailer jogger
  • Allen sports bike trailer assembly
  • Allen sports s2 bike trailer

But this review is not limited only to these points. Lets have a look and you will find it the most honest review written on the entire internet.

Salient Features

  • Sent in the market for sale by a reputable Brand the Allen Sports
  • This product is available in multiple colors.
  • 24 Pounds is the Item Weight
  • The Dimensions for this product are Length is 27.5 width is 6 and height is 6 inches

Product Description and Features


This is really a lightly product that is super durable. As it is lightweight so this is not difficult to handle the product. Second it is durable so it is really a reliable product.

quick release

The ability to release tires quickly and the ability’s of the design to turn into compact form. Both are the perfect qualities that made it an ideal product for storage and transportation.

Steel wheels

16 inches is the size of the wheel. This is a perfect size for a cart that is needed to be a test with the bicycle. With this perfect wheel size you will experience less jumps and the journey will be comfortable.


This the perfect luxury comfortable and safe ride for the passengers. It offers two seats. This means that two passengers can easily sit in it. But you should remember that the size of the cart allows only the weight of 100 pounds to be seated.

Big and Shiny Cabin

The cabin is big. it allows plenty of sunshine to come into it. For this purpose Windows are install at the front and at the side.

Because of these Windows not only the cable become shiny and beautiful but it also provides opportunity to the little passenger to be introduced with the nature outside the cabin.

Passenger Protection

This provides two type of protection to the passenger sitting in the cabin. First it helps to maintain the balance of the passenger. Secondly it saves ka feet off the passenger.

To save the feet of the passenger for this  foot protection is installed.

In order to protect the passenger inside the cabin by maintaining the balance this is absolutely necessary to provide the belt. A single size is not suitable for all. This is the reason that 5 different adjustments are available for the procedure sitting in the cables. Listen provide the passenger with the best fit.

The buckle quality and style is extraordinary. This is something that you will not get in the less price model as this one.

The best in this price

To evaluate the price of the product there are three things quality design and performance. In  this case all the three things are at the best. Moreover despite of the fact that the manufacturer of this product is providing you with the best but they charge really very low amount in terms of the money. So this is the the best price you can get in this price bracket.

Adjustment for the rider

To make the rider comfortable additional settings are provided in the form of different strips at the back of the cart. These strips can be adjusted accordingly. This will definitely be adjusted as per the height of the rider.

Comfortable journey

To make a journey the rider comfortable additional strips is providing in the seat of the rider. This additional padding sports the hip of the rider and the rider and will remain in patients and ease.

Additional facility of a stroller

If you do not want to attach the cart with the bicycle and want to proceed like a stroller. This function is a variable by spending very less money. All the accessories needed to turn this cart into stroller is available from the same brand. The good thing is that you can do it all for very less price.

Easily accessible storage at the back

Additional storage facilities provided at the back of the cart. The big thing is that it is really very easily accessible and convenient to use.

Allen sports bike

Allen Sports Deluxe Steel Child Trailer

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
  • Rugged framed Bicycle Trailer.
  • Safely and comfortably transports your children (up to 50 LB per passenger max payload).
  • Lightweight steel construction trailer with durable quick release 16″ steel wheels.
  • Large front and side windows provide a bright, airy cabin for your little riders.
  • Footguard tube protects passengers’ feet, and a padded five-point safety harness comfortably holds your child in place.
  • Folding design with quick release wheels makes for easy transport and storage.
  • Universal coupler secures to your bicycle’s rear axle and allows for easy installation and removal from your bicycle.


  • A lightweight and durable product
  • Easy folding ability’s made it a perfect fit for transportation and storage
  • The wheels are made of steel and are super stable.
  • It has an extraordinary capacity to adjust to passengers with the weight of hundred pounds
  • The big cabin is shiny and airy due to the windows in it
  • This device provided the passenger with complete protection first at the feet and second inside the cabin.
  • Available in the multiple colours to meet perfectly with your need
  • The best product offered in this price bracket.
  • Padded seat for the passenger
  • It is adjustable and convertible into a stoller
  • it provides a different comfort level to the passenger due to the pads installed inside.


  • The colour of the cart may not be liked by all

Final words

No matter whatever trailer you are using you should observe the weight limit. The second thing that you should consider is to follow that instructional manual of the bike trailer in order to attach it with the bike. Before this it is important to know that how to assemble that trailer. If you are not capable of doing it or nor understanding any step we have just mentioned about you will not be able to fully get the benefit of the trailer. As well as that the procedure of the trailer is also at stake. None of us parents want our kids to be at stake in any case. Therefore please observe the weight limit and the procedure to attach the tailor with the bike by reading the instructions manual. If you think that you do not have the necessary capabilities and skill to perform this job correctly. Then you must seek help and assistance from a professional so that he can perform the job first time for you. You can learn by observing the steps from him. [/su_note]

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