The Best Glass Baby Bottles

The use of glass baby bottles is growing in popularity in the modern world. You will not be surprised to find several baby bottles on the market. As a new parent, you need to understand the features of the best glass baby bottles before purchasing one.

Most modern glass baby bottles have handles to encourage baby self-feeding. Today’s glass baby bottles are manufactured with sturdy glass to mitigate the risks of breaking. In other words, glass baby bottles are generally better than their plastic counterparts.

In this article, you will get to understand all the advantages and disadvantages of glass baby bottles, and some of the best features you are likely to find in glass baby bottles.

Advantages of Glass Baby Bottles

Glass baby bottles are known to be suitable for healthy baby feeding. Here are some of the benefits of glass baby bottles that make them outstanding in the global market.

  • Chemical-Free

Unlike plastic baby bottles, glass baby bottles are free of harmful chemicals such as bisphenol A (BPA) that may risk the life of your baby. Some plastic bottles may still have these chemicals.

  • Long-Lasting

As we said earlier, new glass baby bottles have improved sturdiness that making them more durable than plastic baby bottles. Because the bottles do not wear out quickly, you will not need to buy a new one frequently.

  • Environmental-Friendly

Glass baby bottles have proved to be more eco-friendly than plastic baby bottles. Once you buy a glass baby bottle, it will take a long time before you buy a new one. That will reduce the frequency of disposal.

  • Heat-Resistant


Glass baby bottles are stable at higher temperatures compared to plastic baby bottles. They can be sterilized through heating or boiling without any damage. The glass bottle does not leach out any chemicals to the milk when heated together.

  • Odorless

Glass baby bottles smell clean, unlike plastic baby bottles that have a plastic smell. Some babies may find it hard to adapt to the plastic smell.

  • No Stains

Glass baby bottles do not readily form stains. You can use them for a long time without staining like the plastic ones.

Features of the Best Glass Baby Bottles

Every brand of glass baby bottle has unique features that make them better than the rest. We are going to look at some of the features that you ought to look for when purchasing glass baby bottles.

  1. Sturdy Glass Bottles

Modern glass baby bottles are sturdy and cannot easily break. Some consist of durable borosilicate glass that are heat resistant.

  1. Easy-to-Use

Glass baby bottles should be simple and easy to use. Your baby should find it easy to adapt to the glass baby bottle.

  1. Anti-Colic System

A good glass bottle should prevent colic in babies. Some bottles have anti-colic venting systems and valves. Every glass with an anti-colic system translates into a more comfortable and healthy living for your baby.

  1. Easy-to-Handle

Some glass baby bottles have designs that make them easy to hold. Some have handles on either side that your baby can hold while feeding. Some have twisted edges to promote a firm grip during feeding.

  1. Durable

A good glass baby bottle should be long-lasting. Different brands of glass bottles have various features that make them more durable. For instance, glass baby bottles with silicone sleeves minimize breakage.

  1. Nipple Compatibility

Some glass baby bottles are compatible with various brands of nipples. With such bottles, you can acquire any nipple brand of your choice.

  1. Easy-to-Clean

Some of the best glass baby bottles have simple designs that promote faster cleaning. For instance, some glass bottles have only two parts that make cleaning easy.

  1. Good for Transition

The best glass baby bottles help your baby transition from breastfeeding to bottle-feeding. By assisting your baby to embrace bottle feeding, you will find it easy to feed the kid.

Disadvantages of Glass Baby Bottles

  • Breakable: Glass baby bottles are very fragile and can break when you dropped on a hard surface. Some glasses are reinforced with silicone sleeves to minimize the risks of breakage, but they can still break.

 Companies have come up with glass bottles that disintegrate into rounded pebbles when they break rather than sharp glass pieces to minimize injuries that broken glass bottles cause. To mitigate such risks, you need to be careful when handling glass bottles.

  • Heavyweight: Glass baby bottles are generally heavier than their plastic counterparts. Your baby may find it difficult to carry the glass bottles. If your baby can carry the bottle, the chances are high that the baby can drop the bottle and break it. 
  • Expensive: Glass baby bottles are typically more costly than plastic baby bottles. But because they can last for a long, they are cheaper than the plastic ones in the long run. Plastic baby bottles have to be replaced every time they wear out.

Things to Consider When Looking For the Best Glass Baby Bottles

  • Bottle Capacity: Glass baby bottles have different capacities. You should buy a bottle that will suit your baby’s feeding frequency. The frequency changes depending on age. For instance, a newborn’s feeding bottle should be a 4-ounce bottle and not an 8-ounce one. 
  • Bottle Design: Glass baby bottles are available in different designs. Such models include standard, angle-necked, disposable, vented, and wide-necked baby bottles. You should choose a design that will best work for you and your baby. 
  • Bottle Cost: Various brands of glass baby bottles vary in terms of price. A cheaper but quality glass baby bottle will be good for your budget. Sometimes high prices do not mean that a product is of high quality. 
  • Nipple Design: When buying a glass baby bottle, you should check if it has a nipple with the features you need. Different nipples have different materials, size, shape, and flow rates. 
  • Glass Weight: Generally, glass baby bottles are heavy, but you can still find the lightest one amongst them when purchasing.

Final Word

Finding the best glass baby bottle may seem to be a daunting task, but it’s not. When purchasing a glass baby bottle, you should choose an all-rounded one. The glass bottle should be sturdy, durable, affordable, and easy to clean. With such features, you will have an excellent baby feeding experience.

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