Nursery water is specially designed to cater to the needs of infants. It is sterile, safe, and free from harmful chemicals such as chlorine, which can be harmful to babies. In addition, it is essential to note that not all tap water is safe for babies. Tap water can contain bacteria, nitrates, and other harmful substances that can be dangerous to an infant’s health.

Nursery water is formulated to meet the needs of your little ones, and as such, it is crucial to choose the right one. The perfect nursery water should be free from any harmful substances, safe, and easy to digest. It should also be gentle on your baby’s stomach, and should not cause any discomfort or colic.

Is Nursery water for babies safe or not?

Until 6 months of age, breastfeeding is the best option for babies but their nutritional requirements increase when they cross their 6-month lifespan for this purpose, mothers usually choose infant formulas but face trouble in selecting the best nursery water for preparing infant formula. They have many questions in their mind related to nursery water for babies such as how long to use nursery water for babies. Is fluorine in nursery water bad for babies? Is nursery-purified water safe for their babies or not? So, here is the guide in which all queries related to nursery water for babies are explained.

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Benefits of Using Nursery Water for Babies

There are several benefits of using nursery water for your baby:

1. Safety

Nursery water is formulated to be safe for babies, with strict guidelines set by the FDA. By using nursery water, you can ensure that your baby is not exposed to harmful contaminants or minerals that can affect their health.

2. Convenience

Nursery water is convenient and easy to use, especially for parents who do not have access to safe tap water. It can be used to prepare baby formula or cereal, and can also be used for bathing or cleaning.

3. Taste

Nursery water has a neutral taste, which makes it a good choice for babies who may be sensitive to the taste of tap water.


1. TAP WATER: In most families, tap water is used on regular basis and it might be effective for other members but not for babies. One must boil the tap water at 70 degrees and can use it after 30 minutes as nursery water for babies after it cools downs to avoid bacterial infections.

2. DISTILLED WATER: Distilled water is one of the best nursery water for babies as it is obtained through condensation removing all the impurities. But it is effective if a formula is added otherwise it may cause electrolyte imbalance because of zero nutrients and minerals in it.

3. BOTTLED WATER: Bottled water is nursery purified water safe for babies because most bottles claim its worthiness but one must still sterilize it and then use it and choose the one which is low in fluorine because excess fluorine in nursery water is bad for babies.

4. WELL WATER: Well water as nursery water is not ok for babies because it is obtained from underground resources and might be contaminated and upon boiling it, some bacteria and viruses still are seen in well water.

5. MINERAL WATER: This option is not the best nursery water for babies as such water contains added minerals and might not be processed. Most of the water claimed as ‘’mineral’’ comes from underground reservoirs.


Fluoride is a mineral that is added to toothpaste to protect dental health but to reach out to a large audience, governments initiated the process and started to add fluorine in water supplies so that it could locally reach our homes. Fluorine in nursery water is not bad for babies but levels greater than 0.7mg/l might be harmful to the babies leading to the yellowing of tooth enamel. To avoid this:

● Use formula milk lower in fluorine levels and then pair it with fluorine water.
● Nursery water with fluorine is good for babies but keep an eye on the fluorine level too to avoid dental consequences.
● Use distilled water along with fluorinated level to compensate for the excess quantity of fluorine
● Avoid using such formula milk having high levels of fluorine if you are using fluoridated water to prevent the toxicity of fluorine.
● To keep an eye on the fluorine level in your regular water usage, you can contact the local water supplier company.


Here are some nursery water products which you can opt for if you wish to do so to ensure the fact that nursery water is good for babies.

nursery water for babies


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This is one of the top-rated and best nursery water for babies with added safety fluorine levels. You can go for this option because:

● It is purified water passed through steam distillation ensuring that there is no impurity left in it.
● As it is the purified water in which along with impurities, certain essential minerals are also lost so to compensate for such loss, additional minerals are also added in it.
● It is purified safe water for babies and can be used with formulas or food products given in the weaning period like cereals.



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This is the purified nursery water safe for babies and one can opt for this option because:

● It is a gluten-free product with no artificial flavors, the best nursery water for babies facing gluten intolerance.
● It seems to act as a helpful product during bloating and stomach discomforts as faced by the majority of the babies because this is an agave syrup product.
● It is made from the extracts of ginger and fennel seeds which are the best choices for relief from certain kinds of stomach disorders.



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it is also the best nursery water for babies as it claims to be passed from the 11-hour purification process to maintain the natural pH of water

You can use any of the nursery water babies according to your ease but must keep a check on the fluorinated levels in nursery water because fluorinated water is not bad for babies only its excess is harmful. Parents should choose nursery water that is low in fluoride to avoid the yellowing of tooth enamel and sterilize it before using it. Distilled water is a good option as it is obtained through condensation and removes all impurities, but it should be used with a formula as it lacks minerals and nutrients. Bottled water is another good option, but one must choose the one with low fluorine levels. Well, water is not recommended as it may be contaminated, and mineral water is not a good choice as it contains added minerals. In addition, there are some good nursery water products available in the market that parents can choose from, such as Baby Drinking Water, Gripe Water by Little Remedies, and Purified Water by Penta Ultra. In conclusion, nursery water is safe for babies if chosen carefully and used correctly.


Is it safe to mix baby formula with tap water?

Tap water can be safe for babies, but it depends on the quality of the water in your area. If you are unsure about the safety of your tap water, it is best to use nursery water or filtered water.

Can nursery water be used for bathing or cleaning?

Yes, nursery water can be used for bathing or cleaning, as long as it is used in accordance with the instructions on the label.

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