What are the Manual Wind Up Baby Swings

What is a manual wind-up swing? Does all this hype about manual wind-up swing have any truth to it? Parents swear by baby swings, definitely there must be something about it.

But should you get one as new parents? Or is this something you can do without?
Baby swings have become a sort of necessity if you want to stay sane and not craze out. That’s probably a term that you won’t find in the dictionary and yet somehow a sleep-deprived new parent would absolutely relate to. 
Don’t let that be you and get a manual crank baby swing.

What exactly is a manual baby swing?

Baby swings little hanging chairs for young toddlers and newborns. They come in bucket-shapes, half bucket shapes, etc. These seats are fastened to a stand so the baby can swing back and forth.

They also have seat belts to keep the baby securely in their place. This way the likelihood of the baby tipping over reduces to zero. They are best suited for little babies and lifesavers for parents.

They are very important for parents to be able to take a moment and gather themselves from all the chaos.  Sure you love your little one and would hold them all day if you could. But being humans even parents have limitations. If you still don’t understand the need for an old fashioned hand crank baby swing, then here is a list of all the benefits you get from a manual baby swing.

What Happened to wind up baby swings?

If you are still confused about getting a baby swing, here are some benefits having a baby swing will bring you.

Soothes the Baby

A restless baby can be happy nor let the parents be happy. And how could they possibly be comfortable in a world that they are absolutely unfamiliar with?

If you could hold them and soothe them, you definitely would. But as already mentioned, there are limitations to a human body, even with a parent’s superpower.

When you can’t hold you, baby, any more and feel like your arm would fall off, then these baby swings can be very useful. It gives the baby a gentle rocking motion that keeps the baby calm and relaxed.

It plays the same role as a slightly older baby or a toddler. It keeps the baby from making a fuss even when you put them inside the swing.

Go Hands-free

Being a parent is very satisfying, the contentment you get when your baby smiles at you and grabs your finger remains unmatched by any other experience. But the craziness that comes with staying up with them all night can also not be denied.

Your parent heart wants to keep your baby close all the time and keep them rocking softly, but your body doesn’t agree with it. Who can you possibly trust with such a great responsibility? A baby swing.

The safest place that baby can possibly have is the baby swing. And with placing them inside the swing, you get a little relaxation. This gives you time to get some time to just sit and take a breath, answer a few calls or even take a shower. 

Nap Time for the Baby and for You

 The moment your baby is born, your sleep times decrease by a lot. Having a baby is one of the most satisfying experiences but it also comes with its own struggles.

Perhaps one of the most frustrating things after having a baby is that waking up in the middle of the night when your baby needs to be comforted. It is okay to feel irritation, it doesn’t make you a bad parent.

So what should you do in such an event? Getting your rest is also important for yours, and the baby’s sake. Getting a baby swing can really help you with that.

While the baby will be able to get a name in the swinging with light, you will also be able to catch a wink.


Keeping the baby relaxed and calm is one thing, but keeping the baby entertained is also important. You can only play so many times with your baby, they need to be entertained all the time.

These baby swings usually come with hanging toys that keep the baby occupied and entertained even when you are unable to play with them.?

Now we have established the importance of having the manual wind-up baby swing the more important question is do they still make wind up baby swings? And the good news is that they do. What happened to wind up baby swing? They got in touch with modern technology and now they have become even more efficient and easy for you and your baby.

What Should You Look for in Manual Wind-up Baby Swing?

Baby swings are very important to have when you are new parents for you and your baby. But there are so many different options out there, how can you possibly decide which one is best for you? 

It can be very overwhelming, however, here is a small list of features that you can look for in a baby swing for deciding which one you should get.

Is it Portable?

Some baby swings can be moved easily, while others can’t be. Depending on the need that you can decide on the swing you get. If you have a fixed room for the swing from where you won’t need to move the swing then you can definitely buy the one that is not portable. However, if you need to travel a lot with your baby then portability matters a lot. These are easy to move around and take to grandma’s home for example.

Swinging Directions 

Swings nowadays are pretty advanced. They can offer different kinds of swinging directions. When you hold your baby, you unconsciously swing your baby in a different direction. Your baby gets used to a certain swinging direction and it keeps changing depending on their moods. Most swings offer back and forth motion, which is the basic kind of motion. More advanced swings offer side to side sewing as well. While in some of the swings you can also find diagonal swing, but it is pretty rare.

Different Swing Speeds 

Swings these days offer up to 11 different swinging speeds. Every baby is different and therefore have a different optimal speed. This speed needed also changes with the current mood of the baby, for instance, they need a slower speed when they need to fall asleep while a rather faster one when they are active and in the mood to play.

The more swing speeds offered in a swing set, the better it is.

Sturdiness and Stability 

Since you are placing your precious than life baby inside the baby swing, it needs to be able to carry the weight of the baby. Babies are small but curious, there is no telling how they will move and, should the swing allow, tip over.

For you to be able to trust the swing with your baby it needs to be stable and sturdy. It is best that the swing is also closer to the ground that way the chances of falling over reduce greatly.

Music and Sounds 

A lot of swings now offer soothing music along with the swinging action. This keeps the baby relaxed and calm. 

Kept in one place the babies tend to get fussy. Or it is possible that the baby is waking up cranky from a nap and you are unable to hold them at the current moment. At such a time, soothing music helps the baby to fall back asleep. Or better yet keeps them entertained and occupied so you can finish whatever you were doing.

Main Safety Points to be Taken in Considerations

You need to make sure that the manual wind-up baby swing is reliable enough for you to leave your baby in. Therefore here are some of the safety points that you need to keep in mind while you look for a swing to buy for your child. 

  • The swing seat should be strong and hard so that the baby doesn’t fall over.
  • The seat should be recline in order to avoid any kind of suffocation for babies under 4 months
  • Make sure that the toys won’t fall off and hit the baby, especially if they have something they can swallow.
  • The swing should be able to handle more weight than your baby’s.

To Sum It All Up…

What is a manual wind-up baby swing? It is something of an absolute necessity for the parents of a newborn. You will feel the ease when you get a baby swing because you will then be able to breathe and sleep better.

Amongst so many products available, find the best product for your baby using the features that have been mentioned. Make sure to follow the safety precautions to ensure that your little one is safely in the swing.

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