Baby showers are a great way to celebrate the arrival of a new baby and show support to the new parents. However, with so many gift options and varying price points, it can be challenging to determine how much to spend on a baby shower gift. While there is no set rule on how much to spend, there are some general guidelines to follow to ensure your gift is thoughtful and appropriate.

Firstly, you have experienced the season of weddings with full zeal and enthusiasm and later on, another amazing season which revolves around selecting the gifts for the loved ones started named as baby showers.

If you have gone through this phase, you might have a notion of how much to spend on a baby shower gift and which gift will prove the right one for the mom and dad-to-be and will be a headache for the inexperienced ones when they’ll think about how much to spend on a baby shower gift. So, here are some tips and tricks along with a gift etiquette guide that will help you in selecting the best gift for the baby shower and will guide you on how much to spend on a baby shower.

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How much to spend on a baby shower gift and what to purchase as a baby shower gift if not attending the function depends on your relationship with the person who has invited you to their act of happiness. You will most probably prefer to invest a handsome amount while purchasing a baby shower gift for your sister-in-law or your niece or any close relative as compared to your clients and colleague.

baby shower gifti. YOUR COLLEAGUE: Super-quality rompers, as well as baby clothes, can be purchased within the range of 30-50$ as a baby shower gift in case of colleagues and is more than enough.

ii. YOUR FRIEND(NOT SO CLOSE): For a friend who might be not a close one, the 40-50$ range for purchasing a baby shower gift is more than enough in which baby hats, diapers, creams e.t.c., can be given as a baby shower gift.

iii. YOUR CLIENT OR EMPLOYEE: The range for purchasing a baby shower gift for your client or employee can be 50-60$, in excellent quality baby shower gifts can be purchased easily.

iv. RELATIVES: Purchasing a baby shower gift for your niece or your sister-in-law might be an arduous task for one and in the range of 100-200$ you can purchase a best and unique baby shower gift, such as creating a theme basket-like bedtime theme, co-sleeper bassinet or you can opt for the options from your experiences too if you are a parent.


After having an idea of how much to spend on a baby shower gift, here are some ideas for selecting some baby shower gifts which will prove quite worthy for you.

Gifting some post-partum essentials to mom-to-be will be an excellent choice if you have experienced such time as these are the basic and most needed items after the delivery of a baby. Some of the ideas for such essentials are as follows:

SANITARY PADS: Sanitary pads are the most demanded and essential item during the post-partum period and can be given in the form of a gift hamper along with other items.

NIPPLE CREAM: This item can be included in a gift hamper and will prove effective as the majority of mothers during their postpartum period faces the problem of cracked nipples and such an item will help them a lot.

NURSING BRA’S: This item can be selected in a gift hamper while purchasing a baby shower gift for a sister-in-law or niece or for the one who is expecting twins. This item will be helpful if a mother is planning to breastfeed as it becomes quite leaky due to repetitive breastfeeds.

STOOL SOFTENERS: This item can also be top-listed while purchasing items for a baby shower gift for a sister-in-law or niece. During the post-partum period, passing out stool gives the same pain as experienced while passing the baby out from the uterus so using a stool softener will be helpful.

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SWADDLES: This item is also worth purchasing for including in a gift hamper because swaddles are ready-made and folded blankets helpful for holding a baby.

ZIPPERS: button rompers might not prove effective while carrying the little one as there might be a chance of opening up of the button so to avoid such a situation, zipper onesies are the best option to opt for.

DIAPERS: This item is the basic and essential most to be included in a gift hamper as a baby shower gift for a niece or sister-in-law as and you can opt for disposable or eco-friendly diapers.

✔  HAND SANITIZERS: To prevent the little one from infections and germs, hand sanitizers are also a necessary item for a gift hamper as a mom can't wash hands frequently and often.

DIAPER RASH CREAM: This is also an essential item for the baby as due to frequent usage of diapers, there are chances that a baby might prone to diaper rash and such products seem to give quite effective results.

Bottles: Feeding bottles can be chosen as a baby shower gift and one can opt for the fancier range.


THEMED BASKETS: Themed baskets such as bedtime theme or shower theme can be opted for giving a baby shower gift for sister in law or niece having all the essentials according to the theme along with pretty packaging.

GROUP GIFTS: Baby shower gifts can be selected in a group including 2-4 friends if all are willing to give baby shower gifts to the mom-to-be. For such a case, one can choose to include a special note on which the signature and name of all the contributors must be mentioned creating ease for the receiver to thank later.


Choosing the perfect baby shower gift can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be. By considering your relationship with the parents, your budget, and the needs of the new parents, you can choose a thoughtful and appropriate gift at any price point. Remember, it’s the thought that counts, and the new parents will appreciate any gift that comes from the heart. So, go ahead and start shopping for that perfect baby shower gift!


Is it necessary to bring a gift to a baby shower?

While it’s not necessary to bring a gift to a baby shower, it is customary to do so. It’s a great way to show support and celebrate the arrival of a new baby.

Is it appropriate to give cash as a baby shower gift?

While cash is always appreciated, it’s not the most personal gift. Consider giving a gift card or a practical gift that the new parents will use and enjoy.

“Buying a baby shower gift is not about how much you spend, but how much thought you put into it.”

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