Best newborn bathtub for toddlers 2022

The newborn baby bathtub is a difficult choice for the parents as some babies are taller than the usual size. For those babies, the best bathtubs for tall babies are also available. You may choose one of these as per your needs. 

Sometimes specific preferences of the customers do matter. This is the reason that the best newborn bathtubs for the sink are also available same as the baby bathtub for the shower. With the increasing age, the preferences of the bathtub change. This is the reason that some best baby bath seats for 6-month-old are also available.  The renowned brands today for bathtubs are fisher-price baby bathtubs and the Swedish baby bathtubs. Some best baby bath products are even foldable baby bathtub

It is important to know if you need a bathtub or not. There was a time when a bathtub was considered an unnecessary product. But the thing is that the mothers who just delivered are not in the position to take care of the child and give him or her a bath. This is the reason that the bathtubs are needed. The bad thing with bathtubs is that this is only useful only for a certain age. This drawback is not a bad thing actually every age has a specific requirement. This is the reason that this is actually a good thing to change the bathtub with the increasing age.

Different Types of the BathTubs

Different type of bathtubs are available the most common of these are

  • Sink Inserts
  • Basin Tubs

Both have their own benefits merits and demerits

First Type of the BathTub

These are the bathtubs that are used inside the sink tubs. It has the capability to upgrade the sinking facility into the bathing tub. This is the best suitable bathtub for babies that falls in the age group of 4 months to 6 months. Usually, as the baby grows more than 6 months of age this does not remain so helpful. 

Second Type of the BathTub  

These are the second type of bathtubs. The good thing about these is that they can be used as a standalone. So this is convenient to use these in the regular washrooms. Secondly, these can be used independently even at the top of the table. The storage of this product is also important. These types of bathtubs are really easy to store. This is an additive advantage of these types of bathtubs. 

Let us have a look at some of the best available options in the market.

1. Baby Bathtub by Summer Lil 

These are the Luxuries Whirlpool Bubbling Spa. These are the Shower tubs available in the Blue color. This is actually a Luxurious product. The luxury is at its peak as the water jets are fitted in the tub. These make things easy as the water jets make the water circulation easy. This little spa is really suitable for your baby. So why not purchase it this season.

Specific Features of the Product

  • This product is of Blue Color
  • This is from one of the most popular and trusted Brand for the Summer Infant
  • The Item Dimensions are Length is 18.25, Width is 9.75 and Height is 29.25. All these dimensions are measured in the inches
  • The Weight of this pound is 9 Pounds.

Product Description and Features

A luxurious Product

Provide your baby with the luxurious experience of the spy bath. Fitted with the water jet this is the best gift you can provide to your baby in the form of a luxurious bathtub.

Convenient to Use

This is really a convenient product to be used. This can be used in the sink. It means this is really a convenient product to use.

Grow with the Age

This can be improved with the growing age. The tub is fitted with the components that can be used latter with the product that can be further used with the other bigger sized tubs. 

Batteries Requirements

4 batteries of Type D are required. These batteries need to be replaced after the use of 10 hours. 

Loud Motor

Although not by all, some think that this bathtub is fitted with a motor that when operated produces so much sound. 

2. Skip Hop Baby Bath Tub  Moby Newborn Softspot 

Specific Features of the Product

  • The Color of this is the Sink Bather
  • This is made of Polyvinyl Chloride Material.
  • This is one of the most famous Brand the Skip Hop
  • The Item Dimensions of this product are Length is 19, Width is 10.5, and Height is 12.75. All the dimensions are measured in  inches
  • The Weight of this bathtub is 0.4 Pounds

Product Description and Features


This is made of very safe material. It is made of 100% Soft polyester. This Surface is suitable for your baby. 

Machine Washable

This product is machine washable. This is the reason that this is considered as a product that is really safe to be used and easy to clean afterward.

Product Dimensions

As per the dimensions, the product has the following parameters: The length of this product is 19, the width of this product is 12.75 and the depth is 10.5 all these parameters are measured in inches.

3. Deluxe Toddler Tub, By The First Years Store

Available in the aqua color this is the best product to have. 

Product Description and Features

Longer Age Spam

This product has a long life span. This is the reason that this can be used for a long period of time. Your kid can use this product till the age of a toddler.

Design is Ergonomic

This has been perfectly designed to fit the baby with rapid growth. This has the capacity to fill in all the needs of a growing baby.

The First Bath

This is such a comfortable product that this can even be used for the bath of a newborn baby. Extra support is provided with the help of the  Mesh Sling. This also increases the comfort level of the baby and makes things easy for the person who is giving a bath to the baby.

Bath For Toddler

With the growing age, babies love to play in the bathing tub while playing. An additive feature of this tub is that it provides the planet with space for the baby so that he or she can play and easily enjoy this time.


Overall cleaning of the product is simply easy. The plastic bath can be washed easily. While the meshes have more chances of being dirty. These mashes can easily be washed in the washing machine this is something that makes the cleaning not only simple but easy also.

4. BathTub by Infant Store

BathTub to be used in summers and is in perfect height. Additionally, this provides support for newborn babies.

Product Description and Features

Appropriate height

the appropriate height of the bath tub increases the comfort level for the person who is washing the baby. It also increases the fun for the baby. No doubt that the elevated height of the bathtub is an adaptive feature that makes things here both for the baby and the person who is taking care of the baby during his or her birth.

Newborn bath

This provides additional support for the newborn bath. The additive features not only make the baby comfortable while taking the bath but also ensures that a continuous water flow should occur. This will keep the water fresh and the baby clean and comfortable.

Additional support

Additional support is provided through the clips. In case you need it while washing the baby.

Growing needs of the baby

The baby has growing needs therefore the products you buy become absolute with the age of the baby. You need to buy new products again and again. The good thing about this product is that it is designed to serve you for at least two years. So that if you buy this product at the birth of your baby. Or you give this product to someone in your family or friends at the birth of their baby. This will be a valuable purchase or gift for at least 2 years. This means it provides you the best value for your money.

5. Gray  Bathtub – 3 Stage by Boon SOAK

Product description and Features

Supersaver link

If you buy this product from us, then you will save $6 which makes a 20% reduction in the price. so if you want to purchase this product purchase it by our provided link.

Longest lifespan

This product is designed for a longer period of time. this is obvious that the requirements of the baby change very soon as it grows rapidly. First, the baby is a newborn then with growing age it becomes an infant and then with the more growing age, the baby becomes the toddler. All of these stages require some additional and specific requirements. These additional and specific requirements are very much addressed in this bathtub; this is the reason that this bathtub is known as three stage bathtub. So if you buy this bathtub at the birth of your child you can very much use it when the child grows and becomes an infant and then after that even the child becomes a toddler.


This provides the baby with very customizable options so that the baby can be adjusted well during the bath. These options include a bump that is adjustable to make the position of the baby comfortable.

Non-slip features

This is natural for the baby to sleep during the bath full stop. This will certainly make things difficult for the baby and the person who is giving a bath to the baby. This ensures that the baby should not slip during the bath. A non-slip foam is fitted at the back so that the baby can remain in place.

Easily fit

The size of the bathtub is so appropriate that you can fit it easily in any sink. But the size of the sink should be doubled this means that it can easily fit in the double size.

Active temperature monitoring

Active temperature monitoring is performed through the drain plug. The color of the drain plug will show the temperature of the water. this color will tell if this is an appropriate temperature to give the child a bath or not.

6. 0-6 Months bath Tub by Puj

Product Description and Features


The material used while making this bathtub is soft foldable and BPA free, as well as this, is also PVC free.


This is available in white color which is universally acceptable and highly appreciated around the globe.

Longer use of the product

This product is fit for use at least for 6 months

Well reputed brand

This product is introduced in the market by a well-known brand Puj.

Weight of the product

The product is really lightweight. The total weight of the product is only 0.18 kilogram. The dimensions of this product are length is 25.2 width is 26.38 height is 0.79 all these dimensions are measured in inches. The shape of this product is oval which is ideal for the baby to easily fit in it.


This is a free standing bath tub so installation is not a problem in any case.

Cleaning of the product

As this product is nonabsorbent so the cleaning is not a problem anyway.

Comfort level of the baby

The foam at the back of the bathtub is soft and really sturdy.


The adjustability of this bathtub is of the highest level. This bathtub can really be adjusted with different sinks. The reason is its ability to fold. It has been installed with strong magnets that ensures during bath its holding ability.

Water overflow control

Special holes are given at the sidewalls of the bathtub both at the left and right position of the baby.  That ensures the water overflow should not happen. These allow the water to flow back into the sink. 

Final Words

Parents should widely choose every product for the newborn. Even if the baby is passed through the stage of newborn and now becomes an infant or toddler it requires special care. Therefore the products associated with this age group require additional consultation.

This is the reason that we have made this list. This list is based on multiple things. The first is the comfort level of the person who is giving bath to the baby. But even before this, we have considered the ease of the baby. Then the security of the baby is also important. Thirdly the health of the baby is also really important for this we make sure that the supply of the freshwater should continue to be available.

And last but not the least the point to be considered is the size and the ability of the bathtub to fit at different places. We also considered the point about the economic feasibility of the product but not as much as we have considered the previous points. The economic feasibility of the product here is to consider how long this product is being useful for the baby.

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