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10 Best baby bottles to buy in 2022

A newborn brings lots of joy into our life. Every second thing surprises new parents, especially when it is your first baby. You may be surprised with lots of varieties in diapers, cribs, and much more. Most surprising is the type of baby bottles. It is easy to get confused when you are picking the best baby bottle for your little angel.  Babies can’t tell what they like most or what best for them and the wrong bottle can irritate them a lot. The wrong bottle might cause slow feeding that makes babies fuss or less enjoyable feeding. It can also cause reflux or colic in babies.

Feeding is one of those precious bonding moments which make babies close to their parents. There is no difference whether you are feeding them using a bottle in the crook of your arms or feeding from a bottle. There is no doubt that it is one of the most precious moments in your parenting life.

Choosing the right bottle is a complicated task. You may have lots of questions in your mind like: Which among all those bottles are best for your little one? Or what do you want plastic, glass or silicon? How many ounces for the infant and how much for the two months? How many bottles you may need to add to your must-bring list and how many of them you want for your baby?

It is an endless list, but do not worry! We have all the answers to your questions. Here you will get lots of responses and few best baby bottles for your little angel. You will get a better idea of why you need a bottle for your baby and what are the elements of the best baby bottles. Our child nourishment experts will let you choose the best bottle for your kid from a given list. So what’s all fuss about waiting? Let’s get started:

Why is the bottle needed?

Bottles are typical in every second home. If you are feeding your baby formula milk, then a baby bottle is essential. Moreover, if you are a working woman and planning to return to work within the first few months of birth – then a baby bottle becomes a necessity. There are many other reasons too like you have to travel often then it is obvious you are dependent on others to feed your baby.

Many people think that if you are a housewife or staying home in the first two years for your baby and exclusively breastfeed them, you may not need the bottles. But it is wrong a baby bottle provides lots of comfort to you even if you are a housewife. For instance, you can run different errands and let your husband or other family members feed your baby through a bottle that has pumped milk. You can also go and visit the market, and the one at home can take care of them with the pumped milk. It is like a win-win situation; you may get some time off from the child and get a breather while not worrying about the baby.

How many bottles do you need?

According to our personal, you should have at least three bottles with you at your home if you are only relying on bottle-feeding; one for water and the other two for milk. It means you will have two to three bottles ready to feed whenever you need one for your babies (remember one thing a hungry child will make you panic by constant crying as they don’t like to wait at all). You may be having some bottles in washing and having a good number of bottles in hand will help you feed your kid if other is not available.

But you may need two bottles if you are feeding your baby occasionally and prefer breastfeeding.

Types of Bottles:

There are three types of bottles available in the market – the classifications are based on materials.

  • Glass baby bottles:

Glass baby bottles were a common name of bottles in every household before plastic bottles make their place in the market. You may get confused about how you can give a glass bottle to your kid when it is sensitive and easily broken. But you may be surprised to see the unique features of baby bottles made of glass. The baby bottles made of glass have unique properties, they are durable and withstand soft bangs and drops.

  • Silicone Baby Bottles:

Silicone baby bottles are the best types of baby bottles available in the market. They are made from a soft material called silicone. It is flexible and free from many chemicals like PVC, Phthalate, and BPA.

  • Plastic Bottles:

Plastic bottles are the most common types of bottles for babies. These are made of polypropylene. It is a hard type of plastic. Plastic bottles are commonly used in every other household due to their durability and affordable price. Also, there are numbers of colors and designs that make it an attractive choice for babies.

The difference in Nipples:

Bottles are not only available in different types based on materials you may also get to choose the nipples varieties. Many bottle brands come with different nipples sizes and designs that provide the additional rate of milk flow for an easy feed. Here are the different types of nipples:

  • Slow flow nipples for newborn babies:

These nipples are designed for infant and younger little ones. They will provide a slower flow of milk or formula to your baby, so they won’t gulp too much and too fast.

  • Fast flow nipples for babies after two months:

These nipples are specially designed for older babies who can swallow bigger and have better control over the faster flow of milk.

The difference in size:

Bottles are not only available in different materials but also in various sizes.

  • Small Size bottles:

Small Size bottles usually are around 4 ounces and most suitable for newborn babies who need less milk and food than older babies.

  • Large Size baby Bottles:

Large baby bottles hold around eight-ounce of milk or formula – it is the right choice for babies from 2 plus months and older who need to eat more.

There is one thing to remember here; new babies eat significantly less as they might eat one ounce or two every meal. On the other hand, babies near six months and older may eat around six to eight ounces, and they need formula or milk equal to that at every meal. There are no hard and fast rules which restrict you to buy small bottles for newborn and big for older babies. Many parents purchase big bottles from the start but only feed according to the ounce limit their babies need in the first few months.

Plastic or silicone – which type of bottle is best?

Everything available in the market has its pros and cons. every single type of baby bottle also have their plus and minuses. While comparing them, you might get frustrated about which one to pick and which one to the left and remembering every little minor detail and pro and con gets hard. So if you are also looking for every baby bottle’s goods and evil, we have classified them according to their types here. Have a look:

Glass Baby Bottles:


  • Glass bottles are delicate, but they do not absorb colors or odors like plastic; all other types of baby bottles available.
  • Glass bottles are mostly made with glass, which is thermal shock resistant. It will not break if you put chilled or freezing cold water in it or piping hot all of a sudden.
  • Glass baby bottles are easy to wash and can go straight into the dishwasher without any fuss for chemical leakage.
  • The glass bottles are made on straightforward yet elegant designs, so they have fewer parts to be cleaned than all other types of baby bottles.


  • Glass bottles are heavy to carry, and your baby might find it challenging to take them. The glass bottles are trickier to hold by elders, and it gets more difficult for babies.
  • Baby bottle glass is specially made, which is hard to break yet is not impossible to break. So they are not much reliable either.
  • Glass bottles are expensive compared to other types of bottles, and there are fewer options to select from designs and styles. On the other hand, you may find hundreds of varieties in plastic bottles.

Silicone Bottles:


  • Silicone bottles are soft and comfortable to squish, and they resemble mother breast. Your baby will feel like it is their mum’s breast and they feel attached towards it.
  • The bottles are convenient to get hold of, and babies find it easy to grip them.
  • Silicone bottles are easy to wash and dishwasher friendly. The bottles contain fewer parts than plastic baby bottles, and you may get them clean in no time.
  • Silicone baby bottles are unbreakable and free of many harmful chemicals.


  • Silicone bottles are expensive, and you may not found much variety in them (although now they are introducing new and new types and working to make it a better choice).
  • Silicone bottles do not contain many harmful chemicals for babies, yet there is a danger of leaking chemicals at high temperatures.
  • Silicone bottles can discolor and absorb odor when they get old.

Plastic baby bottles:


  • When it is time to choose from plastic baby bottles – believe me, there is a never-ending list of choices, and it is never an easy task.
  • Plastic bottles are affordable and cheap types of baby bottles available in the market.
  • Baby Bottles are light in weight, and they do not break when dropped. Plastic bottles are easy to hold for you and your little one.


  • The only concern over plastic baby bottles is chemical. A chemical that is commonly found in plastic bottles is BPA (bisphenol). It is an industrial chemical used in the manufacturing of a few plastic bodies that leads to a negative impact on human health.
  • The chemical was banned by the FDA from all cups and bottles, especially baby bottles, in 2012. However, according to research, AAP- the American Academy of Pediatrics – there is still a concern of scientists over the use of plastic material, particularly in baby bottles. There are still chances of chemical leakage when the bottle is heated or interact with hot milk or food. That is why it highly recommends that you wash the plastic baby bottles by hand and avoid using a dishwasher or putting them in microwaves.
  • Many plastic baby bottles have many small parts made for baby convenience, yet it is difficult to wash them, and you may need lots of time.
  • Babies are very sensitive about baby bottles. So you may put lots of concentration while buying a bottle for your little one. It is difficult to judge which bottle your baby will like the most, so if possible, go for a brand sample box or starter kit before collecting bottles in your registry.

When to introduce your baby to the bottle?

It depends on you when you need the bottle most. If you plan to join the office back early or your life demands lots of travel, it is better to introduce the bottle from day one. If you are breast feeding, you can wait and introduce the bottle after a few months. You can also start the bottle from six weeks to three months.

Babies tend to use bottles until they are twelve months old. It is the right age, according to the researchers, to transits your baby from breast milk or formula to cow’s milk. However, it is not some fixed rule; many parents tend to feed their babies for the full two years or over.

How to Choose Best Baby Bottles?

There are many bottles available in the market, and we have made this list after lots of research and studies. Remember these three things when you are going to select the best baby bottle for your little one.

  • Specific designs:

Always choose a bottle with specific designs your child needs the most. There are many bottles available in the market, which helps to relieve Colic and reflux.

  • Size of bottle:

You can always choose big size bottles to feed your infant, but it can be difficult for them to hold it.

  • Avoid toxic materials:

Plastic bottles are unavoidable, and like most people, you might be going for them. But make sure these bottles do not contain any harmful chemicals like lead, PVC, BPS, and Phthalate.

If your baby is getting an early infection, make sure that you are feeding them in the right position, and always take care of bottle cleaning at first.

10 Best Baby Bottles to buy in 2022:

Here is the list of ten best baby bottles:

1. Six Fun colored bottles of Tommee Tippee’s for babies:

The bottles are available in a pack of six in exclusive fun colors. The bottles are designed to resemble with mother’s breast. Babies who are used for breastfeeding often reject bottles due to their nipples. These fantastic bottles have soft nipples as mums breast to provide those best near experience and avoid rejection. The nipples are not only soft; they provide slow flow to prevent any air-build up and resist gas issues in babies. The design of bottles helps babies to hold the bottle with ease. The bottle also has millimeters and ounces mentioned on it so parents can feed the babies the exact right feed amount.


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  • The bottle is free of BPA and harmful chemicals.
  • Available in different shapes and sizes according to your baby’s needs.
  • The nipples are designed according to the baby’s needs. The Easi-vent prevents choking.
  • Dishwasher friendly
  • High-quality material that makes it chemical free and microwave friendly.
  • Measuring numbers is easy to rub off with time.

2. Avent Bottles to help resist colic by Philips:


These baby bottles are specially designed for those suffering from discomfort due to colic and gastric problems. The Philips bottles are designed with a venting system that does not flow air and resist gastric issues. The nipple texture is also very unique, and anti-collapse means it might not collapse while feeding, and your angel will get continuous feed until he is full.



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  • The design is unique and user-friendly, which ensures easy cleaning in no time and less spillage.
  • It has clear marking for ounces that will help you providing exact feed every time.
  • The bottles come with nipples that provide slow flow. It helps to prevent choking and best for infants.
  • The bottles are specially designed to prevent leakage.
  • Philips bottles are easy to wash and hold.
  • These bottles might be a little expensive than others.

3. Nanobebe Breastfeeding Baby Bottles Starter Set, Anti Colic Newborn Bottle Protects Breast Milk Nutrients, Breastfed Baby Bottles Set Includes Smart Warmer

The bottle is specially designed like breasts to give your child the best experience of feeding. It is not wrong to say that it is a perfect mix of design and practical use. The nipple shape is like a concave that spreads milk into a thin layer, and it keeps it warming and protects the nutrients of breast milk. The bottle design is user friendly, and you can directly pump milk into it. Also, you can stock one for later use.



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  • It is a complete starter set for baby care and breastfeeding mom essential. It includes various products like breast milk baby bottles, a warming bowl, and adorable flexy pacifiers to soothe your baby.
  • The breastfeeding baby bottles encourage the smooth transfer of milk from a bottle to a baby. It satisfies a baby’s hunger immediately and protects the essential nutrients from getting damaged. The faster cooling also protects the milk.
  • The starter kit is safe for babies; it does not contain any harmful content like BPA.
  • You can directly pump into a bottle.
  • The smart and elegant set comes with the brand lifetime warranty.
  • The wide bottom is not helpful for babies.

4. Medela Breast Milk Storage Bottles, 3 Pack of 5 Ounce Breastfeeding Bottles with Slow Flow Nipples, Lids, Wide Base Collars, and Travel Caps, Made Without BPA

It is one of another pump baby bottles for your little one. The baby bottle performs three duties – one you can pump directly into the bottle. Second, you can save it for the latter. Third, screw the nipple over it to use as a bottle. There are no so many parts that are difficult to wash and clean later.



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  • The bottles are prepared after medical recommendations, and physicians highly recommend the bottle.
  • It does not contain so many parts, so it is easy to clean.
  • It is helpful in the uninterrupted pumping process.
  • You can tightly close the lid for traveling to avoid leakage.
  • Safe bottle design with no BPA..
  • It is not the right choice for babies with the colic problem as it does not have any venting system.

5. Boon, NURSH Reusable Silicone Pouch Bottle, 4 ounce and Air-Free Feeding,

It is one of the best choices for babies who have colic and gastric problem. The bottle has a simple venting system, which is far better than many other bottles. The baby bottle has a Silicone pouch’s unique feature that helps the bottle adjust in the baby’s hands for better grip. It means your little angel will have less gastric issues, a healthy tummy, and reduce overall irritation and fuss.


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  • The pouch collapse helps the minimal gas problem.
  • It offers mom like feeling to give your baby a safe and comforting feeling.
  • Easy to clean and 100% dishwasher safe.
  • It can be boiled and sterilized.
  • Air free-feeding keeps your baby away from many problems.
  • If babies break the latch, it will allow air to pass and cause gas issues in little ones.

6. MAM Easy Start Anti-Colic Bottle, with soft silicon nipples and white color 9 oz 

The bottles from MAM come in many designs that are stylish and smart.

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  • It features textured and soft nipples with a unique flat shape. It fits into your baby’s mouth with perfection.
  • The unique design lets minimum air pass from it, which means it is the right choice for babies with colic and gas issues.
  • It is one of the self-sterilizing bottle collections, so you may not worry about germs and diseases.
  • Available in many different colors and styles.
  • Free from many harmful chemicals like BPA.
  • Holding the bottle might not be very easy.

7. A simple natural gift set of bottles by NUK:

The set of nine is a sweet and simple baby bottle choice for your little angel. It has flexible nipples that have many holes on it, like a breast. If you were breastfeeding and now transiting your baby on bottles, it can be one of your little ones’ right choices.



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  • A simple, elegant set is easy to clean and use.
  • Nipples are flexible and uniquely designed for mother like feel.
  • One of the right items to get new parents
  • It has a pair of anti-colic nipples to avoid gastric problems in babies.
  • Extra soft and easy to grip.
  • Price is a little higher for many people.

8. Lansinoh baby bottles for breast feeding babies:It is a unique design bottle for babies who are transiting from mother feed to bottles.

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  • It has a unique nipple which is soft and comfortable to latch. The design helps baby to suck like they do in breastfeeding. The vents resist air to avoid gas issues.
  • The material is safe for babies; it is BPA free plastic.
  • The right choice for babies with reflux and other issues.
  • An excellent choice for nursing mothers.
  • Allow the milk to pass fast and not suitable for an infant.

9. Baby Bottles by Comotomo:

It is a sweet pair of bottles for babies who are rejecting bottles.

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  • Easy to hold and grip.
  • Soft design made to mimic mother breast and provide comfort.
  • Made of safe quality of plastic-free of BPA
  • Suitable for anti-colic choice.
  • Ideal for breastfeeding babies.
  • Limited choice of variety and colors.

10. Original Baby Bottle by Dr Brown:

It is a smart choice for babies with colic, stomach, and gas issues.

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  • The bottle is light in weight and user friendly.
  • It is made of safe plastic that means free of BPA
  • It helps to maintain Vitamins in the feed.
  • Available for babies from four-month plus.
  • Easy to clean and dishwasher safe.
  • The venting system is not favorable to cleaning.


Baby Bottles make life easy for parents and help in feeding them properly.

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