Hi there! My name is Sabrina, I am a nurse by profession and have been working in a Hospital nursery for the last 15 years. And as the parents trust me with their newly born little souls I truly love my work. In my last 15 years every day and every night I am struggling with newborns and even toddlers. You know what is my rescuer and angle in this tough job “BABY SWINGS ''. So as I know nothing else but best baby care with the best baby swing I started writing this blog to share what I know the most.


Feeding Your Baby

Feeding your baby starts a few hours after birth, and it helps the baby to grow strong and healthy. As the baby grows, the feeding pattern and behavior will change. As a new parent, you should understand all the baby feeding principles to help you feed your baby. At an early age after birth, newborns …

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Newborn Feeding Chart

Newborns have varying nutritional needs depending on their age. For instance, toddlers like to eat more often compared to tiny newborns. Generally for newborns to grow well, they need to feed 8-12 times a day (24 hours). However, before starting to feed your baby, you need to establish a useful newborn feeding chart or plan. …

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